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Aunt Irene's Incredible Brownies

Posted by Denise on May 8, 2015

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Imagine a soft cake-like chocolate brownie covered in a layer of fudge frosting and that's what you make with this recipe!

Aunt Irene’s Incredible Brownies are surprisingly light textured, cake-like and moist, chocolate brownies covered with a rich fudge frosting. These are so good that we kept sneaking back to have just another small piece until we’d eaten about a third of the whole pan in one evening. For self-preservation I took the remaining brownies in to work the next morning (ok, so we saved a couple for ourselves when we packaged the rest up) where everyone went crazy for them. It looked like a piranha attack in the break room! I cut the brownies into small bite-sized pieces, but one bite and everyone was trying to snatch up another piece.

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