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My name is Denise. My husband, Glenn, and I are not professional chefs, just good home cooks. The recipes we like to fix the most are tasty, easy to prepare and made with a minimum of fuss. If it takes very much time to fix, it had better be worth it!

We started the TastyHomeCooking.com food blog for several reasons, the most important of which is to provide a quick and easy way for our son to access favorite recipes while he is away at college. You see, through the 2009-10 school year, his first year living away from home, I was getting the “Mom, how do you make (insert dish name)?” calls from him, invariably while I was at work or driving the car and he was standing in the middle of a grocery store more than a hundred miles away. Although he and most of his friends were living in dormitories on campus last year, a group of them made a point of getting together for a home-made supper once a week, taking turns cooking for the others. Great idea, but it was difficult for me to remember all of the ingredients needed without any of my recipes with me. Why not put our favorites with all the instructions on a website that he can access from his laptop or a web-enabled phone?

The “Disease”

Slightly less important to us but still high on our list of reasons to blog about our food is that I have a severe but non-life-threatening disease called “Low-Resistance-to-Yummy-Recipes-Syndrome”, otherwise known as “Cookbookitis”. One of the symptoms of this disease is the complete inability to resist collecting cookbooks, magazines with recipes, even those little brand name mini-cookbooks positioned oh-so-temptingly next to grocery store checkout lanes. For years we tried to get around this by doing most of our major grocery shopping at Costco, but guess what? Right, Costco started selling cookbooks and my collection continues to grow. I’m slightly embarrassed to say that I have at least 500, maybe many more. (I did say it’s a disease!) We are going to try to inventory my collection soon. I’ll let you know how many I have when we finally finish.

With soooooo many cookbooks, my very patient husband pointed out that instead of just reading the cookbooks, magazines, etc., it would be quite nice if we actually started using them. Although we love our old favorites, he has a valid point!

In the past, after I have fixed a particularly delectable dish (either one I invented or from one of my recipe sources) I sometimes couldn’t remember where I found the recipe or what I changed to fit our tastes. By blogging about our recipes, we will be able to better track our “greatest hits” so we can re-use them when we want to.

More About Us

Glenn and I both come from families of fabulous home cooks. We grew up in the Midwest and moved to sunny Florida when we got married. Unfortunately, we live over a thousand miles from our relatives, so we don’t get to eat together except during all-too-rare visits. This blog will be a great way to share with our families. Expect to also see some of their favorite recipes on here, too, as they share with us.

Glenn and I love good food, entertaining friends and family, and cooking a great meal at home. We like to eat out, too, but who can afford to do that very frequently? It is nice to occassionally take a break from cooking and doing dishes. But if we really like the meal while eating at a restaurant, I find myself figuring out how to make it at home.

Part of our problem right now is that we hate paying high prices at restaurants for food that doesn’t taste as good as food we make at home for a fraction of the cost. We still enjoy eating out to try new things and to eat food that is hard for us to duplicate at home, but we do so less frequently than we used to.

Nutritional Information

Many of the recipes that we will be posting are old family favorites, ones that we grew up with or developed early in our lives, as well as some new ones. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to provide nutritional information for them.

Recipes Your Way

We believe that there are many ways to make most foods and that the way you like each dish best is probably the way your Mom made it. Part of the fun of cooking is to personalize each dish to make it special for you and your family. Feel free to use the TastyHomeCooking recipes as a jumping off point to make them your own! We look forward to your comments, questions and suggestions and information on how your family cooks.

Document Your Recipes

One of the things that makes us sad is to be talking with someone about a food that they loved as a child and they have that far away look on their face, then focus back on us and say that no one remembers how to make it. Write your recipes down folks! Show someone how to make it so it’s not lost forever. Make a handmade cookbook or start a blog…just document them. Your younger family members will love you for it.

Kitchen Gadgets and Our Store

Not only do I love recipes and cookbooks, I also love kitchen gadgets. I like to try out new tools and when I find something that really works well, I share that information with friends. Expect to see information and links to things we think are great. We have a small Amazon store stocked with things that we think are helpful or fun, but the recipes are our focus. As we hear back from you, we may add other features to the site that will be fun and useful.

We hope that our blog is interesting and helpful for you. Welcome and we hope you enjoy your visit!


Disclosure Statement

Any reviews that we do of cookbooks, kitchen tools, food products, restaurants or other things shown on the TastyHomeCooking.com website are our honest opinions, done on our own, uncompensated and unasked for unless we disclose otherwise. We prefer to keep things positive, so if we have tried something and didn’t like it, we probably won’t write about it. Mom always taught us that if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all! And Mom is right, so get used to it!


Comments Policy

Our comments policy for TastyHomeCooking.com is pretty simple. We welcome comments on our posts, even constructive criticism since we can learn that way. However, spam, mean, rude, and inflammatory comments will not be posted. If you wouldn’t say something in “polite” company, please don’t say it here. Your comments may have a slight delay before posting, but we thank you for your patience and look forward to hearing from you!


Copyright Statement

Photos and text on our TastyHomeCooking.com website are our own and are not to be used without written permission. If you want to use some of the information or pictures from our site, please ask first. And give us proper credit if we give permission so we'll all be happy!


Privacy Policy

We will keep your email address and other information private unless we ask first. Simple. Done.


Welcome to Tasty Home Cooking.com, our family's food blog!

Here we share delicious recipes for the home cook, all tested by our family and friends, as well as food information, how-to's, helpful tools, and cookbook reviews.

And since we live in the Orlando, Florida area, we will be including items of interest for people who want to visit and find things off of the beaten tourist track.

We hope you enjoy your visit!














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