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Angel Food Cake with Strawberries

Posted by Denise on August 21, 2011

angel food cake with strawberries on ruffled plate 

Light and lucious!

Summer is for lighter things, from the clothing we wear to the food we eat. When it is so hot outside it’s hard to be interested in heavy foods, including desserts. Angel Food Cake with Strawberries is the perfect way to end a summer meal. Light and airy angel food cake is drizzled with sweetened strawberries in their juices. The cake soaks up the juice and becomes even more moist and luscious. A dollop of whipped cream is optional, but makes a beautiful presentation if you are having company or just feeling special yourself. This cake with strawberries was always one of my favorite summer desserts.

Store bought angel food cake will do in a pinch, but do yourself a favor and bake one at home. The difference between an angel food cake purchased at the store and one you bake at home is normally pretty significant. It doesn’t take long and it’s very easy using a mix.

You can use fresh or frozen strawberries. I started off with fresh, but due to a kitchen mishap I had to thaw out a package of frozen strawberries. When using fresh berries, wash them and remove the leaves and stems, then mash them up into a chunky mixture. Add sugar to taste. You want them to be somewhat sweet but not overly so. Start with 2 tablespoons of sugar to a pint (one of those small plastic baskets) of strawberries, taste then add more sugar if you need to.

This dessert is also nice because you can make the cake and prepare the strawberries the day before. Cover the cake but do not push down on it. I keep it in the pan until right before I am going to cut it. Put the strawberries into an airtight container and refrigerate until you need them.

Speaking of the angel food cake pan, I recently made a trip back to the Midwest because my mom is moving into a new condo. I helped her sort out her belongings to see what she wants to move since her new condo is significantly smaller than the really large condo she lives in now. As we were sorting, Mom decided not to keep what I think is one of the coolest angel food cake pans I have ever seen, pictured below. It’s a tiered pan. I love it, so Mom gave it to me. Cool, huh? It’s probably from the 1950’s or 60’s.

                angel food cake pan

Once you bake the cake, you will have to get it out of the pan. To do so, gently run a knife along the inside of the pan and along the edge between the cake and the center edge to loosen the sides of the cake. An angel food cake pan has a removable portion in the bottom to help get the cake out. Remove it when you’re ready to take the cake out. Run a knife between the bottom and the cake to loosen and you should be able to remove everything in one clean move.


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Angel Food Cake with Strawberries

Serves 6-8


angel food cake with strawberries ingredients 

Making your own cake makes a big difference in the taste of this dessert.




2       Pints fresh strawberries or 2 packages frozen strawberries

2-4   Tablespoons sugar or more for sweetening the strawberries

1       Angel food cake, made according to package directions





1. Prepare angel food cake according to package instructions.


  angel food cake getting done


angel food cake baking in pan

             The cake is done when the cracks look dryish.            


2. Wash and remove the stems from the strawberries. Mash them up and add sugar to taste.

3. Let cake cool, upside down on the little “feet” or over a filled bottle inserted into the middle opening of the pan.


angel food cake out of pan



4. Once the cake is ready to serve, cut a slice. Drizzle the strawberries and juice down over the cake. Top with whipped cream and dress the top with a single berry, if desired.


strawberries drizzled over angel food cake


angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream


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