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Apple Snickers Salad

Posted by Denise on November 1, 2011

apple snickers salad in white bowl

Apple and Snickers combined in a smooth pudding. What's not to love!


Ok, I admit, calling this a salad is pushing it. But it tastes so good! And Apple Snickers© Salad is what it’s called. Actually, it is a great way to use all those little Snickers candy bars you end up with at Halloween. It tastes like caramel apple bites nestled in a cool, creamy pudding. Believe me, your family will love it!

Mom made this for us many times during her visits. She insists it is a salad, but if you feel guilty feeding it to your family, either add some lettuce to it or save it for dessert!  




Apple Snickers Salad

 Makes 4-6 servings


apple snickers salad ingredients 

Ingredients for Apple Snickers Salad







8 oz. tub of Cool Whip or other whipped topping


Small package vanilla pudding, made according to directions


Milk to make pudding


Fun sized small Snickers candy bars


Apples, Fuji or other eating apple





1.    Make vanilla pudding according to package directions. Combine with whipped topping.


2.    Core and cut apples into bite sized chunks.


apple snickers salad coring apple


apple snickers salad cutting apple




3.    Fold apples immediately into the pudding mixture to keep the apple slices from turning brown. Slice Snickers bars into small pieces. Fold Snickers chunks into pudding mixture.


apple snickers salad cutting snickers



4.   Refrigerate for at least an hour before serving.

 apple snickers salad in white ruffled bowl




apple snickers salad in bowl 3


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