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Beer Soaked Bratwurst

Posted by Denise on November 19, 2011

beer soaked bratwurst on plate

Calling all football fans, these beer soaked bratwurst are perfect game day food!


This is a perfect recipe for any football fan. A hot bratwurst sausage cooked in beer, tucked into a soft bun with onions, peppers, mustard, catsup or whatever condiments you prefer. And it can be cooked on the stove or better yet, in a slow cooker. Perfect!

My husband and son are big football fans. But not just any football team. They are Green Bay Packers fans. Several years ago Glenn and Andy made the trek to Green Bay, Wisconsin, for a fan weekend and had a great time. Actually, so did I. I stayed home and got a whole bunch of things done! J I mean, I couldn’t see paying a whole bunch of money for me to get half the fun there that I can get for free at home. I’m weird that way. I enjoy crossing things off of my to-do list!

Anyway, back to the recipe. While my guys were preparing for the big game at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, they attended a huge tailgate party and ate a whole bunch of these bratwursts that had been cooked in beer. Keep in mind that the alcohol evaporates while the brats cook, so there is no chance of getting drunk from these. In fact, you can use non-alcoholic beer to cook these in just as easily. It is about getting the flavor, not the alcohol. Use a cheap beer. No use wasting an expensive beer!

You can make all of your NFL fans happy at game time. In fact, it would be hard to find an easier way to feed a group. I put them in a crock pot and cook them gently starting at least 3 hours before we want to eat them. I have cooked them for up to 9 hours before and since they simmer in the beer, they stay moist and absorb a lot of flavor. This can also be cooked on the stove over low heat at a simmer. Cover the pan with a lid to keep it from cooking dry and turn the brats periodically.

I sometimes add thinly sliced sweet peppers and onions to the pot. They cook in the beer with the brats and all of the flavors meld and become very yummy. Throw them on a bun with a good mustard and they make a great casual meal for a group of football fans. And the people who love the football fans!



Beer Soaked Bratwurst

Makes as many as you put in the cooker



beer soaked bratwurst ingredients 

 Can it be any more simple than this?






Makes as many bratwursts as you put in the pan



package uncooked bratwurst sausages


can cheap beer


Sweet peppers, onions, sliced (optional)


Hot dog buns






1. If you desire, brown brats briefly in pan on stove so that each side is browned. Either way, place bratwursts in slow cooker or deep pan.

browning brats for beer soaked bratwursts


2. Add sliced onion and peppers to cooking vessel if you are using them. Pour beer over the top of everything so that brats and vegetables are cooking in liquid. Cover pan tightly with lid to keep moisture in. Cook on low for at least three hours or on high for at least 1 ½ hours. If cooking on stovetop, cover the pan and make sure it does not boil dry.

cutting onions for beer soaked bratwursts  cutting peppers for beer soaked bratwursts

putting brats in crock pot for beer soaked brats

adding peppers and onion to beer soaked brats


3. Put the brats in bun and use your favorite condiments. 

 cooked down beer soaked bratwursts

This is what it looks like when it cooks down...yum!




beer soaked bratwurst on bun 


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