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Boardwalk Pizza

5419 Lake Howell Rd
Winter Park
(407) 671-6880


 boardwalk pizza outside

Friends introduced us to Boardwalk Pizza. Several years ago, Glenn was out of town  when our friends, Norm and Linda, invited me to join them for dinner out. One taste and I knew that I was bringing Glenn there when he got back. I did and it has become one of our favorite pizzerias. Thanks Norm and Linda! 

Boardwalk Pizza is one of those unassuming strip mall storefront restaurants, a true hidden treasure. The only hint that Boardwalk Pizza isn’t an ordinary pizzeria is that the place is always busy. Not so busy that you can’t grab a table most of the time, except during peak hours, but busy enough that you may have to wait a few minutes. And we do, wait that is, if we happen to arrive during a peak time, because the food is worth the wait! 

Speaking of waiting, once you are seated be prepared to wait for a short time for your food. Once you give your order to the friendly, helpful server, it takes the kitchen a little while to prepare your food, but when it arrives at the table it is fresh and hot (unless of course you order a cold salad! J). No packaged food here! Everything is made to order.

Boardwalk Pizza features a full menu of tasty food. They offer 18 different sandwiches, many different salads, calzones, stromboli, lasagna, chicken parmesan, loads of other dishes, and of course, PIZZA. Oh, the pizza!

 boardwalk pizza pie

I like pizza with a crispy crust, a nice char, and the uneven bubbles that bake to a soft crunch. Glenn likes a thicker, softer crust. We both like plenty of toppings. Most of the time when we go out for pizza, one of us is compromising for the other. But not when we go to Boardwalk Pizza! This is one pizzeria where we both get what we want on a really great pizza. The crust is thick and hearty enough for Glenn and crispy-bottomed with a band of bubbled, slightly charred crust to make my day. The toppings are abundant and fresh tasting. Our favorite order? A Boardwalk Deluxe, a combination of any six toppings. We get Italian sausage, mushrooms, pepperoni, onion, ham and extra cheese. There are nearly twenty different toppings, so think of the combinations that are possible! There are no small or medium sized pizzas here. There is only one size, a large 16” diameter pizza pie. It is enough to feed 4 adults. Or two with leftovers for another meal later. The pizza heats up nicely in the oven.

boardwalk pizza on tray

 boardwalk pizza on plate

Glenn loves Boardwalk Pizza’s marinara sauce. He gets extra and piles it on top of his slices of pizza. They make a homemade pizza sauce, too. No canned stuff here. 

The restaurant is fairly small, with about 14 or 15 tables inside and 4 large, umbrella-shaded tables outside. Nothing fancy, but the place is clean, informal and friendly decorated with large photos of it’s famous namesake boardwalk on the wall. Smiling waitresses hustle about taking orders and refilling beverages for contented patrons. Don’t expect to be able to order mixed drinks, but a limited selection of beer and wine is available to accompany your meal.

boardwalk pizza interior 1

boardwalk pizza interior 2

boardwalk pizza photo of boardwalk

Unfortunately, we don’t have photos of other entrees because the pizza is so good that we hardly ever order anything else. And it is a little rude to try to take pictures of other people’s food! We will try to add more to this post over time. Maybe we’ll see you at Boardwalk Pizza!

 boardwalk pizza in hand

 boardwalk pizza on tray2

Disclaimer: Ok, so this review sounds too good to be true. We love this place. All of the opinion written above is our own. We received nothing for this review. In fact, although the people at Boardwalk Pizza know us as fairly frequent customers, they have no idea that we write a food blog. We prefer to keep it that way so we can continue to write a truly honest review. Thanks for reading!


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