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Boston’s Fish House
A taste of New England
6860 Aloma Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32792
(407) 678-2107

Posted by Denise on January 15, 2013

Boston's Fish House Outside Patio
The shaded comfortable patio of our favorite seafood and fish restaurant.

Boston’s Fish House is our absolute favorite fish and seafood restaurant anywhere.  And I do mean anywhere. They have the fish flown in fresh and take care to fix the food well. The flavors are clean and the chefs use a light touch when batter frying or sautéing the seafood so you can taste the fresh fish highlighted by the coating or spices, not hidden by them.

A few years ago Glenn, Andy and I had the pleasure of taking a driving vacation following the Atlantic coastline from Florida all the way up into Rhode Island. I think of it as our History, Transportation and Ocean Vacation. We were hitting history-laden sites along the coast, but to get some of the cool places we visited, we took car ferries, amazing bridges over the water, an amazing tunnel that dove under water, a horse-drawn carriage, trains, taxi’s and a limousine. And we were on, in, under or over part of the Atlantic Ocean every day of the trip. It was so much fun!

But the reason I tell you about this trip is because for each meal that we ate along the way, we stopped and asked local people where their favorite seafood restaurant was and went and ate at each one they told us while we were there. We were directed to small shacks and fancy restaurants and ate some really fine seafood, but nothing tasted as good to us as Boston’s Fish House’s food. The food is well seasoned and perfectly cooked every time we eat there.

Don’t expect a fancy place. This family-owned restaurant is clean, comfortable and friendly, but definitely not fancy. Food is served in paper-lined baskets or on colorful melamine plates. No table has a single server. Any server in the place will wait on you and it is rare to go more than a minute or two before somebody refills a glass or asks if you need anything else. Most of the employees have been there for years and really care about good service and taking care of their customers. How do we know this? We’ve been going to Boston’s for over 10 years. And we’ve enjoyed every meal!

interior Boston's Fish House

friendly waitress 

Patrons order before being seated and with food this good, the line to order can be pretty long at normal lunch and supper times. A hint is to try to eat a little before or a little after normal meal times to avoid long lines. Or, another hint is to plan to eat out at the tables on the patio, which is shaded by a canopy and very comfortable except on very hot days. If you chose to eat on the patio you can order at the takeout counter, which rarely has a line, and the wait staff will bring your piping hot food and cold beverages out to you. If sitting inside, once you place your orders a server will seat your group and beverages are whisked to your table. Soon after, any appetizers will be delivered by one of the smiling, friendly wait staff. The onion rings and fried mushrooms are especially delectable. We can’t resist ordering them pretty much every time we eat at Boston’s. A small order of onion rings will be plenty for two to three people. They have medium and large orders, too. The large order would be plenty for 5 or 6 people, depending on what big eaters they are.

    Boston's mushroom appetizer    Boston's onion rings

Some of our favorite meals are the grouper, catfish and shrimp dinners. I like that Boston’s Fish House staff allows me to buy the lunch portion at dinner time. The lunch portion size is way more than enough for me with between 11 and 13 plump shrimp! Glenn has a bigger appetite, so he gets the dinner portion. He enjoys the different types of fish that are offered, everything from grouper to founder and swordfish. He also frequently orders the catfish dinner, consisting of 3 to 4 large filets. He prefers it sautéed, nice and light. His favorite sides are a Southern style green bean with a delicious smoky flavor and a fresh squash medley, sautéed until tender.

 broiled catfish dinner

Glenn's favorite sides


I always seem to come back to either the fried catfish or shrimp dinners. My favorite sides are cottage cheese and applesauce, neither made on site but I like how they taste with the seafood or fish. Andy loves the scallop dinner with the cole slaw and French fries. He also has the shrimp sometimes.

Denise's shrimp lunch size 

Now, we know there are some fabulous seafood restaurants out there and I’m sure there are some that we would like as well as Boston’s, but so far we haven’t found one that we like better. So when you come to the Orlando area and are hungry for seafood, come check out Boston’s Fish House!


DISCLAIMER:  Other than the joy of sharing a great local restaurant with you, we receive no compensation for this review. This review reflects our honest opinion and it is our pleasure to introduce this fine restaurant to you. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!






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