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Boy Scout Punch

Posted by Denise on August 26, 2011

boy scout punch in glass best


School is starting again, which means school functions, banquets, and other gatherings are also coming up. And of course, people at those events will need refreshments.

Everyone should have at least one good punch recipe. One that appeals to the majority of the people attending whatever function you are helping with. Well, this punch recipe is a good one to start with.

We call this recipe Boy Scout Punch because our local Boy Scout Troop uses this at just about every event they have. And it gets rave reviews every time. With only two ingredients it is so easy to make that you can mix it right in the punch bowl.

A couple of hints worth noting:

  • Freeze part of the fruit punch in a decorative container or mold to keep the punch in the punch bowl cold. As is melts it will not water the punch down. Make two since the first one will melt fairly quickly. 
  • Try to determine how long your event will last and make at least one ice mold for each hour, plus the one extra. That way you will not run out. 
  • Buy one more container of fruit punch than you do ginger ale. That way you will have enough to freeze for the ice for the punch bowl. 
  • Refrigerate the ingredients for at least a few hours before and during the event so they are nice and cold when needed. 




Boy Scout Punch

20-25 servings, depending on cup size




boy scout punch ingredients 

Ingredients for making homemade lemonade




Serves 20 to 25, depending on size of cup

Ingredients (makes one large punch bowl full)

2           1-gallon container Hawaiian Punch or other fruit drink

1           2-liter bottle of ginger ale, Sprite, or other clear soda



1.   The day before, freeze Hawaiian Punch in decorative molds to ice down the punch in the punch bowl during the event (at least one, but I always prefer to freeze a minimum of 2, with an additional one for each extra hour of the party). Refrigerate the rest of the ingredients.


2.  About 15 minutes to a half hour before people arrive, place one ice mold in the punch bowl and pour one container of Hawaiian Punch and one bottle of clear soda into the punch bowl. Be careful not to splash. If your punch bowl is too small to handle both containers of liquid, use half of each container or 2/3rds of each, etc.



boy scout punch in bowl



 boy scout punch in cup 2


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