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Carol's Hollywood Spaghetti

Posted by Denise on July 27, 2011

hollywood spaghetti on blue plate

Carol's Hollywood Spaghetti comes together quickly and is always a big hit for dinner.

Before we get to today’s recipe, I want to tell how we were introduced to it. And no, I don’t know why it is called Hollywood spaghetti, except for it is “dressed up” spaghetti. Yeah, let’s go with that.

When Andy was 11, my mom decided to take him and two of his cousins, sisters Chelsy (also 11 at the time), and Carly (7), on a week-long trip. Mom travels a lot and the grandkids were always asking to go with her on a trip. Mom researched different destinations within the United States to find cities that have lots of kid-friendly things to do. She decided to take the three kids to Denver, Colorado, in the Rocky mountains. Denver is beautiful, and has tons of things to do, including historical sites and great parks. And it has the added benefit of being home to our cousin, Carol.

Carol, a retired nurse, wanted Mom and the kids to stay with her at her home. Mom’s plan was to spend the first night or two at Carol’s, then stay at a motel the rest of the time to avoid disrupting Carol’s life for long. But they all had such a good time together, that at Carol’s request they stayed the whole week with her! Each day Carol, Mom and the three kids left the house early and came home late, filling their time with museums, nature hikes, and train rides.

The first night at her home Carol made Hollywood Spaghetti for them. She was probably thinking that there would be leftovers, but she wasn’t counting on the appetites of three lively youngsters. They loved this meal and snarfed down the whole batch in one sitting! When they got back home, the three kids talked about Hollywood Spaghetti as much as they did the other things they saw and experienced. We knew we would have to get the recipe.

This is the perfect dish to serve a group of hungry people no matter their ages. Quick to fix using common ingredients, the flavors appeal to almost everyone. And you can play with the flavors. We sometimes add garlic or hot red pepper flakes, which changes it up quite a bit. It is easily doubled to feed more people and reheats well.

The kids still talk about the trip and what a great time they had. They really enjoyed getting to know Carol as well. And every time we make Carol’s Hollywood Spaghetti it warms our hearts as well as our tummies remembering how much fun they all had together.




Carol's Hollywood Spaghetti

Makes 6-8 servings 

carol's hollywood spaghetti ingredients 


1          Tablespoon olive oil

1          Cup onions, minced

1          Cup mushrooms, cut into slices

¾         Cup green pepper, minced

2          teaspoons salt

1          teaspoon sugar

3 ½      Cups (#2 ½ can) of cooked, diced tomatos

8-12      oz. hot cooked spaghetti

1-2        Cups shredded cheese, Colby or we used a Colby-Monterey Jack cheese mix





1.    Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.



2.   Cook the spaghetti. If you want instructions, please go here. Drain and cover, keeping warm until needed.


cooked spaghetti for hollywood spaghetti 

Draining cooked spaghetti



3.   Cook onions in a the olive oil until slightly yellow. Add green pepper and mushrooms and cook with onions until lightly brown and translucent.


Cutting onions for hollywood spaghetti  cutting peppers for hollywood spaghetti

 veggies cooking for carol's hollywood spaghetti



4.    Add the salt, sugar, tomatoes, and spaghetti and heat through, stirring well to combines everything well. Do this gently so the spaghetti does not get smooshed.


adding tomatos to hollywood spaghetti


 mixing hollywood spaghetti in pan



5.     Pour everything into a well-greased 2 quart casserole dish. Cover (with tin foil if there is no lid) and bake for 20 minutes. Sprinkle cheese over the top and bake for an additional 5 minutes until melted and slightly browned. Serve while hot.


hollywood spaghetti in casserole dish 

covering hollywood spaghetti in casserole dish

adding cheese to hollywood spaghetti 

finished hollywood spaghetti in casserole dish 


hollywood spaghetti on bright blue plate




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