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Carol's Pie Crust

Posted by Denise on February 25, 2011

baked pie crust 

Flaky and homemade, this pie crust is ready for filling!


My family had several pie crust recipes growing up, used for different types of pie. This one is from my cousin, Carol, who I believe got it from her mom, my Aunt Adah. Aunt Adah used it for her wonderful apple pie (recipe later this year).

This recipe is a nice, flaky crust suitable for any type of fruit pie. I recently used it for the strawberry pie recipe that I am posting next week. It tasted great and complimented the filling nicely.

There are a couple of ways to roll out the dough. One way is to sprinkle a small amount of flour out on the counter and run some over the rolling pin to keep the dough from sticking. Roll the dough out to a size about two inches bigger than the size of the pie pan to allow enough dough to go up the sides and have enough to make a nice edge.

Another method is to place the dough between two sheets of waxed paper or cut two empty bread wrappers open and use them. The main thing to watch for is when the dough causes the waxed paper or bread wrapper to wrinkle up. When this happens, pull the paper away from the dough gently to keep from ripping the dough, then flip it over and roll it out to the finished size. You may need to release the dough a couple of times before you are done rolling it out.

To set the dough in the pie plate, loosely wrap the dough over the rolling pin, center it over the pie plate and gently unroll the dough into the plate.

There are many ways to make a pretty crust. It is easy to shape the edge using your thumb and fingers to crimp it. Or a very easy way is to use the tines of a fork to create a pretty pattern on the edges. Cut out dough can be used along the edges for a fancy look. Use your imagination, making sure to keep it from ending up too thick to cook thoroughly.

The pie weights make dimples in the bottom of the crust, but trust me, no one will be looking under your tasty filling to notice!





Carol's Pie Crust

Makes 2 crusts




Carol's pie crust ingredients 

This pie crust recipe comes together quickly and is nice and flaky (a good thing when you are talking about pie crusts!).





2       cups all purpose flour

1       scant cup shortening

1       teaspoon salt

2       tablespoons milk, added a little at a time, may need a little more or less based on humidity





1.    Combine all ingredients EXCEPT for the milk in a bowl. Using a fork or pastry blender, cut the ingredients together until it resembles rough crumbs.



making pie crust


1.    Add the milk a little at a time until the dough comes together into a ball that is not too wet or too dry.


2.    Divide the dough into two balls. Wrap them both separately in plastic and refrigerate them if using both right away. If you only need one crust, wrap the other in plastic wrap then put into a plastic freezer bag and seal it securely. It will keep in the freezer for up to 3 months. Take it out and let it thaw in the refrigerator before using.


3.    Pat out the dough into a rough disk about 1/2” thick. Roll it out to the required size and place into the pie plate. If it is to be a single crust pie, finish the edges at this time. Otherwise, wait until the top crust is added before finishing the edges.


rolling out pie crust



1.    If the pie crust is to be baked before adding fillings, use temporary weights to keep it from bubbling up during cooking. Put pie weights or dry beans in a layer on the bottom of the crust during baking. Bake at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 10-12 minutes (varies depending on your oven) until it is golden brown. Let cool before filling.


raw pie crust in pie plate



finished pie crust with weights


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