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Chen’s Bistro

Located at: 2225 Aloma Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32792 

Phone: 407.672.1006


chens bistro front 

The front of Chen's Bistro


Friends of ours recommended Chen’s Bistro to us six or seven years ago when we were comparing notes on restaurants we like. So we tried it and have been regulars ever since!   

Chen’s Bistro is located in a shopping center, near a large Publix grocery store. The restaurant is truly a mom-and-pop business where you are always greeted by members of the owners’ family when you stop in. They are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.  

The food is really fresh, prepared to order. If you are like Glenn, who likes his curry incredibly hot, you can request it fixed how you like it. They are eager to prepare your food to your preference. And the prices are more than reasonable. We can get complete meals for 3, plus soup and egg rolls for everyone for around $30, with plenty of leftovers for another meal. 

Chen’s is more of a take-out restaurant than a sit-down-and-eat-it-here type of restaurant. The front is small and has only two tables, but we have been known to eat there with a small group with no problem. We normally drop in to order and then take it back home. The food is prepared quickly, so the wait is minimal. 

Chen’s offers a long list of appetizers and soups. We always start off with egg drop soup and egg rolls. Chen’s Bistro makes the absolute best egg drop soup! J It has so much chicken flavor, a slightly thick texture and plenty of egg strands. Unlike most Chinese restaurant egg rolls, Chen’s are fresh, with a thinner shell than most thick, heavy egg rolls, and filled with a fresh vegetable mixture.


chens bistro egg drop soup

             Chen's Bistro's thick and delicious egg drop soup is my absolute favorite.



Chen’s Bistro offers two sizes of most main dishes, small and large. Unless you have an incredibly hearty appetite, the small will fill you up and the larger size will feed two people or one person for two meals. Glenn’s favorite meal from Chen’s is the Curry Chicken. He always asks for it to be Asian hot, which is hotter than American hot. As I said before, if he isn’t using a hanky after the second bite, it isn’t hot enough. Chen’s makes him happy! The Curry Chicken is flavorful, with bright fresh vegetables in a curry sauce made to your level of heat.


chens bistro curry chicken

Chen's Bistro's Curry Chicken is Glenn's favorite. So pretty with all of the fresh veggies!


Andy used to try different things on the menu and he liked all of them, but ever since he tried my Sweet and Sour Pork, we always end up sharing a large order. Chen’s packages the sauce separately from the lightly breaded, deliciously moist pork bites, so they stay perfectly crisp until you are ready to pour the sweet sauce with pineapple chunks over the top.


chens sweetnsour pork 

Chen's Bistro's Sweet and Sour Pork with pineapple in the sauce. So delicious. Mmmmmm.




Chen’s Bistro is one of our favorite Asian restaurants, making fresh homemade food with flavors we love.


Chen's Bistro front 2

Front of Chen's Bistro. Publix Supermarket is to the right.





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