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Chocolate Cake with Strawberries 


Posted by Denise on June 7, 2011

chocolate strawberry cake on plate final

Chocolate cake with strawberries and whipped cream icing. Yum!

Every time I take this cake to a gathering, it gets rave reviews and people want the recipe. It’s too good to keep it to ourselves, so we decided to share it with you. I created the cake with whipped cream icing after getting tired of tasting other cakes with heavier frosting which overwhelmed the delicate flavor of the strawberries. We wanted to taste the fresh berries. We always make this with strawberries, but I bet you could use raspberries instead, if you don’t mind the seeds.

Devil’s Food cake forms the moist chocolate base of this delicious dessert. Sweetened whipped cream and sliced strawberries fill between layers and cover the outside. You could make a cake from scratch if you want, but we use a mix to make the layers. It turns out wonderful either way.

I have made this yummy cake with as many as 4 layers of cake (about a mile high J), but for this post I made it with three layers because we were not planning on company and more would be too much for us. If you plan to do more layers, use an additional cake mix to get the required number of layers. It is possible to split each cake into layers after baking,  but if you use only one cake mix, the layers will be quite thin and more likely to fall apart. For three or four layers it is best to use two mixes and divide the batter evenly between three or four pans. Bake according to mix instructions. Sometimes it helps to put the cake layers in the freezer for a little while if you plan to cut them horizontally in half for layers. A thin serrated knife helps to carefully cut the layers. If you prefer, dental floss can be used to cut the layers, but don’t freeze the cake if using the floss. Slow and steady does it while cutting!

To make the layers sit evenly on the plate and on each other, you may need to take a thin slice of the “hump” off of the top of each layer to flatten the top. Don’t waste this piece! Eat it or give it as a treat to whoever happens to come through the kitchen while you are working on the cake. It may help to keep the kids (big and little!) out of the finished confection. Or not, but it is worth a try.

Any leftover whipped cream is delicious with fresh strawberries. I usually make some extra just for this since it’s so good.


Chocolate Cake with Strawberries

Makes 6-8 servings

chocolate cake with strawberries ingredients 


2-4           8 or 9” round or square chocolate cake layers (like Devil’s Food)

              cups heavy whipping cream

2-2 1/2   cups 10x powdered sugar

1               pint fresh strawberries




1.    Bake cake according to instructions if using a mix. Let cool before using.


2.    Put cold heavy whipping cream into a mixer. Start mixer on low, using a whip attachment if you have it. If your mixer doesn’t have a whip attachment, use the regular beaters.


whipping cream for icing 


3.    Add powdered sugar half a cup at a time waiting to add more until it is all mixed. Keep adding the sugar until it is as sweet as you want it and all of the sugar is mixed into the cream. Turn mixer to medium high and whip until the cream is firm and stiff. If it starts to separate, you have mixed a little too much, but it normally takes longer than you think. Keep the cream cold after whipping.



 whipped icing


4.    Carefully slice the cake as needed to get even flat layers. Place the first layer on the plate or cake stand. You can place strips of waxed paper on the plate along the outside of the bottom layer of cake to keep the plate clean as you are building the cake. Feel free to eat the discarded slices!



even out cake tops


5.    Spread an even layer of the whipped cream on the cake. Slice strawberries and arrange on whipped cream. I use an egg slicer to cut even strawberry slices.


 cake layer on stand


whipped cream on cake


slicing strawberries for cake     sliced strawberries


        strawberries on cake layer


6.     Add second layer of cake. Spread another layer of whipped cream, the strawberry slices. Keep alternating layers of cake, whipped cream and strawberries until you have built the cake to the height you want. Spread more whipped cream on the outside and top of the cake. Arrange more strawberries in a decorative pattern over the top of the cake to complete it.


               second cake layer


7.   Slice and serve. Cover and refrigerate leftover cake.


cake on stand




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