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Deviled Eggs -
3 Different Ways


Posted by Denise on April 22, 2011

deviled eggs on plate

Easy, cool and delicious, Deviled Eggs are a perfect side dish.


If you mention Deviled Eggs around our house, you get an immediate enthusiastic reaction that goes something like "Mom, can we have deviled eggs tonight, puh-leeeeze?". There is something about these delectable eggs and the way that they slide oh-so-easily into your mouth that makes people want to keep eating them, so make plenty!

I was curious about why they are called "deviled" eggs. Research indicates that they originated in Ancient Rome. The name comes from the practice of adding zesty spices to the cooked yolks before adding it into the egg halves.  

Deviled eggs are ironically often associated with the Easter holiday meal, but they are good anytime. I'm always pleasantly surprised about how easy they are to make. For this post, I made a batch of 12 whole eggs (24 halves) and made 8 halves each of three types. If you prefer to make only one type, use these quantities as a guide and your own taste buds to fine tune the flavors to your preferences.

I often boil the eggs a day before I need them and store them in the refrigerator. I prefer to cut them and mix the filling on the day I plan to serve the eggs. We normally do not use salt when we cook, so you may want to add a little bit to the filling mixture when you make your deviled eggs. I try to make at least 3-4 egg halves for each person. We rarely have any leftovers. If you do have any left, cover them well and immediately refrigerate them because they go bad quickly. They will keep in the 'fridge for a day or two. 



Deviled Eggs 3 Different Ways

Serves 2-3, multiply as needed 



deviled eggs ingredients 

Ingredients for Deviled Eggs 


Ingredients for making 4 whole eggs (8 halves), enough for 2-3 servings (multiply by how many you need):



4        Hard boiled eggs, cooled

3-4     Tablespoons mayonnaise



  1. Slice eggs lengthwise in half.   


slice eggs in half




2.    Carefully scoop yellow yolk out of egg and place into a bowl.

egg without yolk



3.     Using a fork, mash the yolks into fine grains.

mashing egg yolks



4.   Mix mayonnaise into yolks until creamy. The mixture can be used to fill the egg halves just like it is, or the following ingredients may be used to liven them up even more. Mix the desired ingredients into the yolk mixture and fill like normal. Garnish with paprika, olive slices, or other ingredients.



Ingredients for Hot Mustard and Olive Deviled Eggs:


1-1/2  teaspoon hot or sweet hot mustard

6  green olives, 4 chopped into pieces, 2 sliced crosswise and placed on top of yolk filling for garnish

 hot mustard deviled eggs




Ingredients for Jalepeno Deviled Eggs:


2        teaspoons chopped jalepano peppers (use pickled slices for less
          spicy results)

          4      jalepeno slices for garnish


  jalepeno deviled eggs



Ingredients for Wasabi Deviled Eggs:


1/2 -1  teaspoon wasabi powder

          Sweet paprika for garnish 


  wasabi deviled eggs


Note:  When filling the egg halves with the mixture, the yolk mixture can be placed into a pastry bag and squeezed out to make a prettier deviled egg. Otherwise, a spoon works well for filling the egg halves.



deviled eggs 3 ways


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