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Doris' Cheese Ball

Posted by Denise on December 30, 2011

Doris cheese ball on crystal stand

Doris' Cheese Ball makes a fantastic appetizer before dinner and is the perfect party food. Make more than one if you are feeding more than 8 people. 

My cousin, Doris, shared her recipe for her delicious cheese ball years ago. We have made it many times since then, and each time I am struck anew with how really good this easy, simple to make cheese ball is.  It is always a popular addition to a table full of party food. In fact, I normally make two or more because they are eaten up quickly.

Make sure you chop the onions pretty finely so the cheese ball doesn’t have large chunks in it. The rest is easy…just mix everything together well before rolling the resulting ball into the nuts. Wrap the cheese ball and chill well before you need it. Your cheese ball will be a hit!



Doris' Cheese Ball

Makes 1 cheese ball that feeds approximately 8 people

doris' cheese ball ingredients

Ingredients for Doris' Cheese Ball






8 oz. package of cream cheese, softened


small onion, finely chopped


lb. cheddar cheese, shredded


Tablespoon Worcestershire sauce


teaspoon garlic powder


teaspoon celery salt


pecan bits, medium coarse, chopped



1.    Put all ingredients, except nuts, into a small mixing bowl. Mix thoroughly.


doris' cheese ball cream cheese doris' cheese ball adding onion and spices

doris' cheese ball shredding cheese doris' cheese ball adding cheese


2.    Form the mixture into a round ball. Pour pecan pieces onto a small plate. Roll cheese ball in pecan pieces making sure to cover entire ball.


doris' cheese ball adding nuts 1 doris' cheese ball adding nuts 2


3.    Chill cheese ball until needed. Serve with crackers.


doris' cheese ball finished

 cutting into doris' cheese ball


Doris' cheese ball final





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