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Egg Salad


Posted by Denise on March 11, 2011

egg salad sammie

Easy and delicious, egg salad sandwiches are fabulous.


Simple, convenient, and yummy, egg salad makes a quick snack or a full meal depending on what you pair with it. Versatile, egg salad can be down and homey or dressed up for company. Plain, or with herbs or spices added, it is delicious in all its forms.

Whenever we need boiled eggs for a recipe we’re making, we boil at least 7 eggs more than what we need for the recipe. Once cooked and cooled, we peel the shells off and I normally can’t resist eating one right away. That leaves 6 more for egg salad!

I use an egg slicer to get even pieces. Egg slicers are very inexpensive and you can find them in grocery stores, catalogs, and kitchen stores. If you purchase a heavy duty one you can use it for slicing strawberries, mushrooms, and other softer foods. I do a double cut, slicing first one way, then turning the egg 90 degrees while holding it carefully to keep all of the parts together, then slice it again to get even pieces.

We like our egg salad pretty plain and I rarely add more than mayonnaise to the eggs. I sometimes use Miracle Whip for a little kick (now we’re getting crazy! ;-) ). If I’m dressing it up for company, I have added wasabi powder (careful, you don’t want to hurt anybody!), mustard powder, or chives and everyone loved it. Make it your own or stay with a lovely plain version, it’s all great.

If you want to make this fancier, cut the crusts off of thin sliced artisan bread and serve it open faced with a slice of green olive on top or put another slice of bread on top and cut diagonally into quarters. Serve with small clusters of grapes, apple slices, or other fruit and a small salad for a light, elegant lunch.

Or, on the other hand you can do what we normally do. Grab a slice of white or wheat sandwich bread, plop a big pile of egg salad on it, fold it over and take a great big bite! Bliss!



Egg Salad

Makes 3 sandwiches




boiled eggs 

Hard boiled eggs




6       boiled eggs, peeled

1       Tablespoon mayonnaise or Miracle Whip

1/4    teaspoon wasabi powder or mustard powder, to taste, optional

         Fresh chives or other herbs, optional

         Salt and pepper to taste (white pepper looks best with this if you are dressing it up)






1.    Slice the eggs into even pieces using an egg slicer as shown below or using a knife. Drop into a bowl large enough to stir everything together.

 slicing eggs 1

Slice the egg (I put it in long way first, it's easier later that way)


slicing eggs 2

Turn the sliced egg 90 degrees for the second cut


slicing eggs 3

Final cut, it's ready for the bowl


slicing eggs into bowl

Slicing eggs right into bowl


2.    Add the mayonnaise and stir together. Add a little more, if needed, to get the texture you prefer. It should be creamy without being really mayonnaisey.

 sliced eggs in bowl

mixing egg salad in bowl

3.    Add any other spices or herbs as desired. Stir it all together. Spread it on bread or eat it straight from the bowl.

 egg salad finished in bowl

I used a few chopped chives in this one. Yum!


egg salad on bread


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