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Fluffy Cooked Vanilla Frosting

Posted by Denise on January 8, 2013

icing on blue plate
Easy to make, this frosting holds up well to any baked goods.

Ok, so this photo looks a little funny, a blob of frosting on a plate, but I’ll explain. This recipe makes a fluffy, sweet frosting that holds its shape well and stays soft when it’s smeared over baked goods. Or a finger which then gets licked clean. Yum! You could eat this by the spoonful, but it really is better for icing something fresh from the oven. This frosting also accepts color well when tinted with food coloring.

I’ve been experimenting with cinnamon roll recipes lately. The great big kind that are tall, filled with cinnamon, soft and covered with a fluffy vanilla icing. The frosting has to be fluffy, like the icing you can get on top of the cinnamon raisin bread in some of the Pennsylvania Amish restaurants. Well, the recipe tests for cinnamon rolls continue, but along the way we found this great frosting recipe that works with many different things. We started with a recipe we found in Nancy Claman’s Rise and Dine Canada cookbook and tweaked it to get what we wanted. So, I have a great recipe for frosting, but nothing to show it on, hence the blob on a plate.

An extra step of cooking a bit of milk and flour used to thicken and hold the icing together is old-fashioned but very effective in helping to stabilize the frosting. This helps keeps the icing from weeping, which can make the cake, bread or whatever it is covering soggy.

If possible, use superfine sugar in this recipe so that it dissolves into the frosting quickly. If using regular granulated white sugar, expect to mix it longer to keep the final frosting from being grainy in texture. If you prefer a less sweet frosting, add very little of the powdered sugar. If you prefer your frosting sweeter, add all of the powdered sugar.

After making a batch of this lovely frosting up, I put some into a zip top baggie and left it on the kitchen counter for 3 days to see how it behaves. The consistency remained perfect even on the third day and still tasted terrific, too.


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Fluffy Cooked Vanilla Frosting


 fluffy cooked vanilla frosting ingredients

 Fluffy Cooked Vanilla Frosting ingredients



Makes 3 ½ to 4 cups





cup milk


tablespoons all-purpose flour


cup butter, softened


cup vegetable shortening


cup superfine white sugar

1 ½

teaspoon vanilla extract


teaspoon salt

1-3 ½

cups powdered (10x) sugar, depending on how sweet you prefer your frosting





1.     Mix the milk and flour together in a 1-quart saucepan. Cook over medium heat until the mixture boils, stirring constantly. Boil for 1 minute, still stirring. Cool slightly.


milk in measuring cup adding flour to milk in pan

cooking milk and flour




2.     While the milk mixture cools, cream the butter, shortening and sugar together on low speed in a mixer until blended. Turn the mixer to high speed and continue beating until the butter mixture is light and fluffy. Reduce the speed to low and add the cooled milk mixture, vanilla and salt.


creaming sugar and butter


adding milk flour mixture to creamed stuff




3.     Mix on high again until fluffy. Add powdered sugar ½ cup at a time, slowing the mixer to low speed briefly until each batch is mixed in, then increasing to high speed and mixing until the frosting is at the sweetness and consistency you want.


 fluffy frosting in mixer bowl


frosting on plate2




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