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Freezer Corn

Posted by Denise on September 5, 2012

freezer corn in containers
Golden and crisp, fresh corn frozen now allows us to enjoy the taste of summer months later. It is so easy to do, also!

Every summer when fresh produce abounds, it takes me back to my childhood years when we would spend time with family and friends processing mounds of garden goodies to preserve them for later in the winter months when fresh foods would be harder to find. We each had our job for the day as we worked together, depending on the type of food we were “putting up” for the winter. As I got older and could be trusted to use a knife without hurting myself or anyone around me, I was allowed to cut the corn off of the cob for Freezer Corn. This involved keeping the kernels from flying across the room and collecting as much of the juice from the cobs as possible. Other family members or friends collected the kernels into large pots or washed the freezer containers and items we used to prepare the corn. The entire time we were working, stories flowed and jokes were shared and laughter echoed through the kitchen. These were wonderful times of bonding, taking time from busy schedules to work together and share. And when we ate the corn later when the nights were long, cold and dark, the satisfaction of knowing we helped to provide for our family dinner warmed our hearts as well as our tummies.

With the abundance of produce available all year round now, it may seem unnecessary to prepare and store anything. Why would you want to spend a couple of hours in your busy day readying food for later on? But let me ask you, later on would you rather be eating corn you prepared that was grown a few miles away at a farm you may drive past or corn that had to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to get to your table? I resort to canned or frozen corn at times when we are out of our own frozen corn, but given the choice we prefer ours. Fixed according to this recipe, the kernels stay fresh tasting for months in the freezer.

This is the family recipe we used back when we had our get-togethers to put corn up. To select great corn for this recipe, look for ears that are a fresh, healthy green color and the silk (hair-like tassels) are not too dried out. The silk should be a light golden yellow with some brown on the ends, but not dry and brown throughout.

When heating the corn before placing it in freezer containers, do not overcook it. It is to be cooked just long enough to allow it to stay fresh. Make sure you clearly label the containers with the contents and date that you made it. I can tell you from experience that this information will help you later when you are trying to see what you have in the freezer!



Freezer Corn



 Freezer corn ingredients

Fresh and simple, Freezer Corn ingredients are few.



Makes 4 quarts



24 - 30

ears of fresh sweet corn to make 4 quarts of kernels once removed from the cobs


cups of water


cup butter


teaspoons of white sugar


teaspoon salt





1.    To shuck the ears of corn, grasp the bottom (stem end) of the ear gently in one hand, then reach up and grab the top of the overlapping husk (leaves) with the silk (tassel part) and pull down toward the stem, peeling back the husk to expose the corn. Repeat the process to remove the rest of the husk, then break off the stem end close to the cob. Remove the silk in the kernels by gently pulling them out.


freezer corn shucking ears 1  freezer corn shucking corn 2


freezer corn breaking stem off  freezer corn removing silk



2.  Carefully cut corn kernels from the cob by standing one ear at a time in a bowl or pan with sides to contain the kernels as they drop off of the cob after being cut. Be careful because they can spray both corn milk and kernels.


 cutting corn off cob 1


freezer corn cutting kernels off cob




3.  Put the corn kernels in a large pan. Add the water, butter, sugar and salt to the corn in the pan. Bring to a gentle boil over medium heat. Boil gently for 5 minutes. The kernels should still be mostly crunchy. Cool.


freezer corn in pan



4.    While the corn mixture is cooling, wash 4 one-quart freezer containers (or more if using smaller sizes) in hot soapy water. Rinse thoroughly. Once the corn is cooled, divide corn and liquid equally between freezer containers, allowing a half-inch or so head room to allow for expansion during freezing. Wipe the rim and place the lid on tightly. Freeze.


freezer corn done in pan



5.  When using, thaw corn in refrigerator or directly into a pan on the stove. Use as you would use canned corn.


 finished freezer corn



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