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Freezer Creamed Corn

Posted by Denise on December 4, 2012

freezer creamed corn out of oven cooling
Fresh corn taste and the slight crunch of perfectly cooked corn kernels in a cream sauce. How great does that taste in the middle of winter?

Ok, I know there aren’t too many of you who will be able to take advantage of this recipe right at the moment, but we recently were able to purchase a couple of dozen ears of late season corn and wanted to preserve them for later in the winter. Rather than wait, I decided to post the recipe now in case anyone else happens on corn and wants to keep it for later.

Glenn loves creamed corn so when Barbara, a friend of ours and a really good cook, mentioned that she had a fantastic recipe for creamed corn that can be frozen until needed I was hooked. Of course, I pestered her for the recipe and she graciously provided it. Thanks, Barbara! J

This is one of my favorite types of recipes; really, really tasty and about as simple as can be! I have never tried to make a creamed corn before and I found the process interesting. The corn with the other ingredients starts out runny. After baking it still looks runny, although cooked, when it comes out of the oven. Then when it is allowed to cool before dividing it into the freezer bags, the mixture thickens up quite a bit. So cool! And so very delicious. It tastes so fresh and it has a deep corn flavor.

So if you can’t find any fresh corn right now, make sure you save this recipe for when you do get some. You’ll be so happy you tried it!


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Freezer Creamed Corn


 freezer creamed corn ingredients

 Freezer Creamed Corn ingredients.



Makes two quarts of finished creamed corn




cups of fresh corn, cut from the cob with the juice (about 12-18 ears, depending on size of the ears)


cup heavy cream


stick of butter (8 tablespoons)


cup white sugar


teaspoon salt


teaspoon ground fresh pepper




1.    Preheat the oven to 300o F. In the microwave or on the stovetop, melt the butter and pour it into an oven-proof oblong pan, such as a cake pan. Add the corn to the pan.


freezer creamed corn melted butter in pan freezer creamed corn in measuring cup



2.    Sprinkle the corn evenly with the sugar, salt and pepper. Drizzle the heavy cream over the top and stir everything together well. Bake for 20 minutes, then remove the pan from the oven and allow the corn mixture to cool to room temperature.


freezer creamed corn sprinkling sugar freezer creamed corn adding cream mixture


freezer creamed corn mixing in pan

Mixing creamed corn in pan



3.    Once the corn mixture is cooled, stir it well then scoop it into pint or quart sized freezer bags. Make sure to get all of the air bubbles out. Seal the bags and freeze them flat.


freezer creamed corn just out of oven

Freezer Creamed Corn just out of oven...see how watery it still looks? That's ok, give it some time to cool.


freezer creamed corn after cooling slightly

See how much thicker it gets? The only thing we did was let it sit and cool.


freezer creamed corn in bags

Freezer Creamed Corn in freezer bags



3.    When you are ready to use the corn, either cut the plastic off of the frozen corn or slightly thaw the corn. Place the corn (out of the bag) in a sauce pan  and warm on the stove or place in a microwave-proof bowl and zap it until it is hot throughout, stirring every 30 seconds or so. It is already cooked, so it only needs to be heated. Enjoy!








  creamed freezer corn out of oven cooling


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