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Easy French Dip with Au Jus

Posted by Denise on May 3, 2011

crock pot french dip with au jus

Quick and easy, this French Dip sandwich with au jus is better than most restaurants' recipes!


This slow cooker version of a French Dip Sandwich with a luscious au jus will knock your socks off, it is soooooo good. And I dare you to find an easier way to make it.

Mom brought this recipe with her when she came for her annual visit several years ago. From the first time she made it, we were hooked. We like it so much that we make if pretty often. The slow cooking keeps the meat moist and the rest of the ingredients combine to make the most flavorful and delicious broth. “Au jus” is a fancy French term for “with (its own) juice.”  

The broth that results from the combined ingredients mingled with the beef juices as it cooks in the crock pot is better than any restaurant broth we have found anywhere. We use an inexpensive beer for the broth. All of the alcohol evaporates as it cooks, so it is completely safe for children to eat. And you can’t taste the beer in the final product, either. I’m not sure how it does it, but it is one mystery that we’re happy to eat! However, if you don’t want to cook with beer, use a can of cola instead. It will still be a fantastic broth.

Just before you are ready to eat, dip some of the broth from the crock pot and let it stand for a few minutes so the fat from the beef rises to the top. At that point you can either use a fat separator if you have one, or you can carefully dip the fat from the top to keep the broth from being too fatty. The results are worth it!

As always, I add a slow cooker liner to my crock pot before adding the ingredients. This keeps the mess to almost nothing. I’m all about not having much to clean up! I wax on about liners in the post for Beef Stew, so if you are curious, check it out.



French Dip Sandwich with au jus 

Serves 6-8 sandwiches



french dip ingredients 

 Can it be any more simple than this?




 Oops! Silly me, I forgot to include the buns in the photo above.




3-4       lb. beef roast

1          can of beef broth, undiluted

1          can of French onion soup, undiluted

1          can beer or cola




1.    Add a teaspoon of oil to a sturdy pan and brown the beef lightly.


browning beef for french dip 




2.    Place the browned beef roast into the slow cooker. Add the beef broth, French onion soup, and can of beer or cola to the crock pot.




beef in crock pot for french dip

                                         Beef in crock pot with soups and beer.


3.    Cook on high for 4 hours or low for 6+ hours.


4.    Right before you want to eat, de-fat the broth and cover to keep it warm.


5.    Remove the  beef from the crock pot and slice it thinly or pull it apart gently.


6.    Break out the buns and load them up with the beef. Pour the au jus into small bowls that are large enough in diameter to allow the sandwiches to be dipped into the broth. Heaven!

cooked beef in crock pot for french dip with au jus 


french dip sandwich 

Tender beef on soft bun ready for dipping



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