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French Salad Dressing

Posted by Denise on April 18, 2015

french dressing with salad

This is the best French dressing we've ever had. It's so easy to make, but full of flavor that highlights salad ingredients instead of overpowering them.

This French salad dressing recipe is incredibly easy to make and is a huge step up from what you can purchase from grocery store shelves. It has a sweet, tangy and clean taste that is normally missing from store-bought versions. The flavor is complex. After mixing everything up the ingredients combine to create an unique, engaging flavor that’s hard to define and no one flavor stands out, but as a whole, it’s wonderful.  It’s the perfect foil for a fresh lettuce salad with sliced carrots, onions or other vegetables. Drizzle this homemade French salad dressing over it and enjoy the results.

I was watching an episode of Trisha Yearwood’s Food Network show when she made her uncle’s French salad dressing. I haven’t been a fan of French dressings since my childhood, having only experienced bottled versions, but I remembered how much I liked French dressing on my salad back then and decided to give Trisha’s a try. I am sooo glad I did! All of us love this dressing. We’ve been eating it on lots of salads this spring. It will last for a month or more in the refrigerator in a sealed bottle or container. 



French Salad Dressing



French salad dressing ingredients

French salad dressing ingredients.



Makes about 3 cups of salad dressing




cup apple cider vinegar


cup granulated sugar


tablespoon yellow mustard


tablespoon grated onion


tablespoon paprika


teaspoon salt


cup water


cup vegetable oil (I used canola oil)



1.   Pour the apple cider vinegar, granulated sugar, yellow mustard, grated onion, paprika, salt and water into the container of a blender. Blend until everything is mixed well.


cider vinegar and sugar in blender  adding onion to blender

adding mustard  adding paprika

mixing ingredients in blender


2.  With the blender running on medium low, pour the vegetable oil into the mixture in the blender container in a steady thin stream. Once all the oil is in the container, keep blending for about 15 seconds to allow the oil to completely incorporate it into the dressing. The salad dressing will thicken somewhat.

 adding oil to blender


3.   Pour the salad dressing into a bottle with a top that can be sealed and place in the refrigerator to chill for at least 3 hours before serving. To use, pour as much as needed over salad ingredients, toss and serve. Or serve on the side, if desired. The salad dressing will keep for a month or so if well covered in the refrigerator.

 french salad dressing with salad in bowl

  french salad dressing


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