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Frosting Sandwiches

Posted by Denise on February 22, 2012

frosting sandwiches on plate

Kids, old and young, love these tasty "sandwiches" that use up leftover icing.


If you have children in the house, this is a fun and easy way to prepare a special treat for them and use up leftover icing at the same time. This is something Mom would make for us kids when she was finished frosting a cake.

When I was growing up, we preferred to make icing from scratch for any cake we were going to frost. When we were finished decorating the cake, we normally had a couple of different colors of icing left over. What to do with all the remaining icing? Mom would take a package of rectangular graham crackers and break them in half to make two squares. She would place a blob of icing on one of the graham cracker squares and make a frosting “sandwich” by placing the second graham cracker square on top of the icing and gently pressing down to get the top to squeeze the frosting to the edges of the graham crackers. There you go, a frosting sandwich!

We loved our frosting sandwiches. When we were allowed a sweet treat, many times we would opt for them over a piece of the beautifully decorated cake.

Frosting sandwiches keep for several days if well sealed in a plastic baggie or other air-tight container.



Frosting Sandwiches


Each sandwich serves one


 frosting sandwiches ingredients






package graham crackers


Leftover frosting, any color





1.     Remove a rectangular graham cracker from the package. Carefully break the cracker in half along the middle score line so that you have two equally-sized squares. 


2.     Make sure the icing is slightly moist, but not too fluid. If you need to, add more powdered sugar or milk to get it to the right consistency. Scoop a heaping spoonful of icing onto one of the graham cracker squares.


making frosting sandwich



3.     Place the second graham cracker square on top of the frosting. Gently press down on the top cracker until icing squeezes to the edges of the crackers without oozing out of the sides. Allow to set up slightly, approximately 30 minutes, if you can wait that long! Seal in a plastic bag to store for several days if you have any left over.


finishing frosting sandwich



 frosting sandwich tower


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