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Grilled Peanut Butter Sandwich

Posted by Denise on June 28, 2011

grilled peanut butter sandwich on blue plate

This tasty sandwich is a reliable standby when we are in a hurry for comforting food.

We love making these sandwiches on nights when we don’t want anything heavy, but want something fast, delicious and comforting. Glenn used to make these for me all the time when I was taking classes at night after working all day. I would come home late in the evening and he would whip one of these gooey babies up for my dinner. Thanks, Sweetie!

I first remember my Mom making these sandwiches for us when we were little. I don’t know of anyone else who makes these, but we were hooked on them. They are made just like grilled cheese sandwiches, except you use peanut butter instead of cheese. Pair it with a handful of chips, some apple slices, and a glass of milk and you have a perfectly wonderful meal.  




Grilled Peanut Butter Sandwich Recipe

Makes 1 sandwich
 grilled peanut butter sandwich ingredients 



Grilled Peanut Butter Sandwich

Makes 1 sandwich





2      Slices white or wheat bread

         Butter or margarine, room temperature so it can be spread

         Peanut butter, either creamy or crunchy





1.    Preheat a heavy skillet on the stove on medium heat.

2.    Spread two slices of bread with butter on one side of each slice. Place buttered sides together to avoid smearing butter over counters and hands as you prepare the rest of the sandwich.


buttering bread for grilled peanut butter sandwich 


3.    Spread back of top slice of bread with a layer of peanut butter.


 spreading peanut butter for grilled sandwich

peanut butter for grilled sandwich


4.    Pick up the sandwich, leaving the second piece of bread off for the moment and set the sandwich with the buttered side down in the warmed skillet. Place the bread buttered side up on top of the sandwich in the pan.


 putting bread in pan for grilled peanut butter sandwich

Put butter side down in pan


adding top to grilled peanut butter sandwich

Put second peice of buttered bread on top with butter side up.


5.    When first side of sandwich is lightly browned, carefully flip the sandwich over with other buttered side down on skillet surface.


browning grilled peanut butter sandwich in pan 

finished grilled peanut butter sandwich 


6.    When second side is browned to your preferred level, remove sandwich from the pan and place on a plate. You may want to let the sandwich cool slightly so the peanut butter does not ooze out and burn you or run down your chin. Once slightly cool (don’t worry, the peanut butter stays warm for a few minutes), slice the sandwich diagonally in half, gather several napkins and get ready for a treat. Enjoy!

 grilled peanut butter sandwich on white plate



 grilled peanut butter sandwich on blue plate


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