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Happy Halloween and
Mini Jack-o-lanterns

Posted by Denise on October 30, 2013

3 orange jackolanterns
Make these cute mini jack-o-lanterns with oranges and sherbet. So fun and you can eat them!

We’re posting this “recipe” today in case you need a last-minute Halloween project. These happy little jack-o-lanterns were so much fun to make and even more fun to serve to everyone. We hollowed out oranges, then cut cute or scary faces in the peel. After the faces are completed, we filled them with lemon sherbet to mimic candlelight. Any light-colored ice cream or sherbet would work. A quick stay in the freezer and they were good to go. Everyone loved them.

Kids love to help draw the faces for you to cut out, just like making a pumpkin jack-o-lantern. Mine were simple but turned out really cute. They looked much better in person than how the photos turned out. Oh well, we had no complaints and they tasted great!

When placing the sherbet into the hollowed orange, some of it will leak out of the eye, nose and mouth holes. Not to worry! Contain it as much as possible, then after it has set up in the freezer, take a warm moist cloth and wipe the outside off.


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Mini Jack-o-Lanterns

mini jackolantern ingredients 

Mini Jack-o-Lanterns ingredients. 



Makes 3 jack-o-lanterns





large oranges


half-length cinnamon sticks


gallon lemon sherbert or ice cream, yellow or light orange in color, slightly softened




1. Slice the top ¾” off of the stem end of each orange. Push one piece of the cinnamon stick into the indentation where the stem attached to the tree. Cut a face or other design into the peel, making sure to cut all of the way through the peel into the fleshy interior.

making jackolantern 


2. Using a spoon, carefully remove the flesh from the interior of the orange. The orange peel may split, so use caution. Clean up the areas around the cutouts.


3. Fill the inside of each orange with the softened sherbet making sure to pack it into the face openings. Wipe off as much of the sherbet squeeze-out from the outside of each orange, then place them on a tray or plate in the freezer until firm. These can be made up several days before needed and then frozen as long as they are well-wrapped before placing the freezer. When ready to serve them, remove them from the freezer and wipe the outside of each orange off with a warm moist cloth. Serve immediately.

 filling jackolantern

jackolantern on plate


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