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Horseradish Cream Sauce

Posted by Denise on December 28, 2011

horseradish cream sauce

Mildly spicy and cool, Horseradish Cream Sauce pairs beautifully with a nice beef roast.

When we go to a restaurant for dinner and order roast beef, we love to pair it with a horseradish cream sauce. When I would ask the various managers about their horseradish cream, wanting to find out either the brand they use or how they make it, it was either a brand not available to the general public for purchase or a proprietary recipe that they were unwilling to share.

At home, we tried a number of grocery store brands, but none of them tasted close to the restaurant one. None of them tasted fresh and they were lacking in flavor. So we decided we were going to have to make our own to get what we wanted.

Numerous tries still produced a flat and not very memorable sauce. It was lacking something, but I couldn’t tell what. I finally asked a steakhouse manager if I was on the right track and he told about adding mustard to the sauce. Mustard? Unsure, I tried it again and wow, what a difference. It was what made the difference between a so-so sauce and one that tasted like what the steakhouses use. My next problem was that although the sauce tasted really good, it didn’t have as much bite as I wanted it to have. I decided to add wasabi paste to the sauce to give it a little more bite, which works well. For those of you who prefer a milder sauce, use a mild horseradish and skip the wasabi paste.

This sauce pairs well with many cuts of beef. If you use it sparingly, it really enhances the beef flavor without overpowering the taste.




Horseradish Cream Sauce


Makes approximately 1/2 cup




horseradish cream sauce ingredients 

Simple ingredients make a terrific sauce







Tablespoons prepared or fresh horseradish root, finely grated


cup sour cream


teaspoon Dijon mustard


Tablespoon mayonnaise


sugar to taste





1.    Put all ingredients into a small mixing bowl. Mix thoroughly. Taste and add sugar if needed to cut any bitterness. Serve.

 adding ingredients for horseradish cream sauce


 mixing horseradish cream sauce



horseradish cream sauce in green bowl




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