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Hot Chocolate

Posted by Denise on November 29, 2011

hot chocolate in pretty cup


Glenn makes the BEST hot chocolate. I mean this stuff is addictive! It is a happy, happy morning indeed that starts with his fabulous hot chocolate.

The difference between hot chocolate and hot cocoa is that the hot chocolate actually has melted chocolate in it, where cocoa uses cocoa powder. We have a great cocoa recipe that we will post at a later point, but Glenn made hot chocolate on a cool morning this week and I just had to share the recipe so you all can enjoy it, too! So the next cold morning, plan ahead a little so you have time to make this. It doesn’t take very long and is so worth the effort.

Use a high quality chocolate, one that you would eat by itself, to make your hot chocolate. We prefer milk chocolate, but if you prefer dark chocolate you can use it for this recipe.

When heating the milk for the hot chocolate, be sure that the milk is not allowed to boil. We use 1% milk at our house, but you can use anything from skim to whole milk or even a little bit of cream added to the milk. Anything with more butterfat will make the hot chocolate taste “thicker” and richer. With a really good chocolate, we still end up with a rich and wonderful cup o’ goodness without a lot of extra fat when we use the 1% milk.

I have to add this final thought even though Glenn doesn’t really agree. Hot chocolate is great for dunking! I especially love dunking hot buttered toast. I recently discovered, much to Glenn’s dismay, that day-old chocolate donuts soften up really nicely when dunked in hot chocolate. The trick to dunking is to only dunk enough of whatever goes into the drink for one bite at a time so it doesn’t get too soggy. Oh my, it is sooo good!




Hot Chocolate

Makes 2 mugs full



hot chocolate ingredients 

Ingredients for making hot chocolate, including our mega chocolate bar







cups milk


cup chocolate, shaved or chopped into small pieces, plus extra if needed


heaping Tablespoons white sugar


Miniature marshmallows, if desired.





1.     Shave 1/3 cup of high quality chocolate. In a pan on the stove, gently heat half of the milk on medium low.


 hot chocolate shaving chocolate




2.     Add the chocolate bits and sugar to the milk in the pan. Stir frequently while the sugar dissolves and the chocolate melts.


                   hot chocolate heating milk and chocolate

hot chocolate adding sugar




3.   Once the chocolate is melted and completely mixed into the milk, add the remaining milk to the pan.


                      rest of milk in hot chocolate




4.    Heat mixture until hot, taking care so that it does not boil. When done, pour into two mugs. Top with single layer of miniature marshmallows, if desired.






 hot chocolate in green mug


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