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Lettuce, Apple and Banana Salad


Posted by Denise on June 14, 2011

lettuce, apple and banana salad on white plate

Doesn't this Lettuce, Apple and Banana Salad look beautiful?  Well, it tastes even better!


One of our favorite salads is the Lettuce,  Apple and Banana Salad. I particularly like it with Our Favorite Meatloaf. There is something about sopping up the salad dressing with a nice warm bite of meatloaf that is one of my definitions of comfort food. Happy food!

Mom made this salad for us regularly when we were kids. It’s a great way to get kids, big and small, to eat a salad. Even though there was a long list of things, including many salads, that we didn’t like to eat, this salad was always snarfed up quickly by us kids. And my son, who we used to tease about not liking anything green, would always eat this salad.

One of the truly nice things about making your own dressing is that you control the ingredients. We like it a little on the sweet side, but you can cut back on the sugar, or even use a sugar substitute, whatever you prefer. And if the dressing takes more than 5 or 6 minutes to make, you need practice! J We like the tang of Miracle Whip when making the dressing, but mayonnaise will work well, too.

Make the dressing first, because you will want to mix it with the lettuce, apple, and banana slices immediately after cutting them to keep the fruit slices from turning brown. They will oxidize (turn brown) after they are sliced if they are left exposed to the air for even a few minutes, especially the apple slices. Pouring the dressing over the salad and mixing it thoroughly so the slices are coated prevents oxidation. Refrigerate the salad if it will be more than 30 minutes before you eat. Also, you can make the dressing in advance and let the sugar meld with the rest of the ingredients for a little bit. Just keep it in the refrigerator until you need it. This method is great for putting the salad together at the last minute.

Unfortunately, this salad is best eaten on the day you make it. There is no harm in eating it a day or two later, but the lettuce and bananas lose their firmness and freshness after the first day.

It makes us feel great to share our favorite recipes with you!



Lettuce, Apple and Banana Salad

Serves 4-6 



lettuce, apple and banana salad ingredients 

Ingredients for Lettuce, Apple and Banana Salad





½         Cup Miracle Whip or mayonnaise

½         Cup white sugar

¼         Cup milk, can be skim or 1% with no effect on final dressing

½         Head iceberg lettuce, handful of leaf lettuce, or one head 
             Romaine lettuce, chopped into bite-sized pieces

1          Firm sweet apple, such as Pink Lady, Red Delicious, Braeburn,
            etc., cored with skin on

1          Ripe, firm banana





1.  Mix Miracle Whip, sugar, and milk together in a bowl or cup. I like to use a large measuring cup because it has a spout to make it easier to pour.



2.   Place chopped lettuce into bowl.



3.  Slice apple into quarters by cutting from top to bottom into halves, then cutting each half the same way. Carefully cut core out of each quarter. Cut each quarter in half. Slice each segment into bite sized pieces about ¼” thick.  Add to lettuce in bowl.


cut apples for lettuce apple and banana salad 


4.  Slice banana into rounds about ¼” to ½” thick. Add to bowl.


sliced bananas for lettuce apple and banana salad 



5. Pour dressing over lettuce, apples, and bananas in bowl. Mix everything together well. Serve.



 lettuce apple banana salad in glass bowl 2


lettuce, apple and banana salad in glass bowl

Finished Lettuce, Apple and Banana Salad!




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