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Open Faced Turkey Sandwich

Posted by Denise on November 27, 2012

open faced turkey sandwich on white plate 1
Moist turkey meat is smothered in hot mashed potatoes and gravy in this delicious solution to leftovers.

Once the Thanksgiving meal is over and we end up with a lot of tasty leftover food, we try to find different ways to eat the food up. One of our favorite things to do with all of the delicious leftovers is to make an open-faced turkey sandwich. We love them when we eat at casual restaurants, so why not make them at home?

We heat the turkey and sides that we will be needing, then pile strips or slices of turkey on slices of white or whole wheat bread, scoop hot mashed potatoes on top and smother the entire mass with creamy turkey gravy. How can it get better than that? Add leftover stuffing and cranberry sauce to the plate. Get a forkful of the sandwich and add a dab of cranberry sauce to it and you have leftover perfection!


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Open Faced Turkey Sandwich


 open faced turkey sandwich ingredients

 Open faced turkey sandwich ingredients.





Makes one open-faced sandwich




slices of white or whole wheat


slices or shreds of leftover turkey, white or dark meat or combination of them


scoop of mashed potatoes

½ - ¾

cup leftover turkey or chicken gravy

¼ - ½

cup cranberry sauce


leftover stuffing and other sides




1.    In the microwave or regular oven or on the stovetop, reheat leftover turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy. Put slice of bread on a plate. Stack a couple of slices or shredded turkey on top of the bread.



open faced turkey sandwich bread and turkey




2.    Using a ice cream scoop or large spoon, place a scoop of warm mashed potatoes on top of the turkey. Make a depression in the top of the mashed potatoes with a spoon or small ladle, then fill the dent with the hot gravy. Add a dollop of cranberry sauce to the plate along with any other sides you wish and dig in!



open faced turkey sandwich adding potatoes  open faced turkey sandwich adding gravy


open faced turkey sandwich finished



  open faced turkey sand 3


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