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Pea Salad


Posted by Denise on March 25, 2011

pea salad in blue bowl

This pretty Pea Salad is a perfect side dish. With its great taste, it tricks people into eating  vegetables!

Peas, onion, eggs, mayo, and cheese. Five ingredients that don’t seem to go together, but, wow, they do taste yummy! When all of the ingredients are combined, this salad has a creamy texture. Glenn actually moaned out loud when he bit into it when I made it a couple of evenings ago. I thought he had hurt himself until I saw his eyes closed, empty fork near his mouth, and a smile on his face as he chewed!  

Mom normally made this easy, peasy salad (ok, I just had to do that - smiles -) in the spring and summer, so I start to get hungry for it around this time of year. It makes me think of potlucks and picnics with friends and family members, exchanging stories and laughs. And, let’s face it, after the winter we all had this year, Spring sounds really good about now. 

We used Colby-Jack cheese in the salad for the version shown here, but you can easily change the taste by using another type of cheese. Pepper Jack gives it a nice bite, while sharp Cheddar gives it a completely different taste. It will keep for several days in the refrigerator, but good luck keeping your family from eating it that long.  

I hope this salad recipe helps to satisfy your family and create happy memories for you, too! 



Pea Salad

Serves 6




pea salad ingredients 

Ingredients for Pea Salad





1           Can peas, drained

½         sweet or white onion, chopped

2          hard boiled eggs, chopped

½         cup of your choice of cheese, diced into cubes

½         cup mayonnaise






1.         Prepare all ingredients for the salad.

 cutting cheese for pea salad

Cutting the cheese for Pea Salad




draining peas for pea salad

Draining the peas


slicing eggs 3

                                                                              Cutting the eggs


2.         Combine all ingredients in a bowl.


add all ingredients for Pea Salad

Ready for mayonnaise, the rest of the ingredients are in the bowl.


3.        Mix together and chill for at least one hour.

mixing pea salad


Mixing all ingredients together


4.         We don’t use salt or pepper in this recipe, but you may want to add some. We like it without any other seasonings.


pea salad in glass bowl

Finished. Yum!


pea salad on plate with sandwich


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