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Peach Flip

Posted by Denise on August 8, 2011

peach flip in blue bowl

Peach Flip is a tasty way to cool down on a hot day.

Last year, Mom treated us to a fabulous river cruise trip in Western Europe. It was a long-planned vacation, a delayed high school graduation gift from a proud Grandma to her grandson, Andy, and us, his parents. It was a magical trip, with fantastic places, people, and food. The cruise started in Vienna, Austria, on the Danube River, and continued on the Main River, then the Rhine River through Germany to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The cruise was so wonderful and the food on board ship was some of the best we have ever had.

The weather was beautiful and clear nearly the entire trip, but unseasonably HOT. Each day we would be off the ship walking endless miles around Medieval towns and villages. When we returned to the ship for a meal, the staff served us a variety of things to cool us off, including sundaes for dessert and these yogurt-based cold soups that they called “Flips”.

Fresh, light, and so delightfully cold, they were the perfect start to our meals, allowing us to cool down enough to enjoy the main course. We enjoyed them so much that I requested the recipes from the travel company, Grand Circle Travel, after we came home. They very graciously sent them to me. I had to convert the measurements and tweak the recipe a little to get them right, but it was so worth it!

I started with the Peach Flip because we recently picked up peaches on our way through Georgia. It has been so hot here that a refreshing Flip sounded like just the dish to cool things down. I didn’t add any sugar because I made it with vanilla low fat yogurt, which is on the sweet side. The Flip isn’t meant to be really sweet, but to be sweet like a natural peach is. It was served to us as the first course of a multi-course meal, but you can make it anything you want it to be!




Peach Flip

6-8 servings



peach flip ingredients 

Simple ingredients, delicious soup!



4  Cups (950 gr) yogurt, plain or vanilla

1 ½       Cups (320 gr) buttermilk

2/3          Cup (160 gr) Milk

2/3          Cup (160 gr) Half and Half cream

½          Cup (100 gr) peaches, fresh or canned, chopped into ½” cubes

3           Tablespoons (40 gr) juice from peaches or juice pack from can

              If using fresh peaches, sugar to taste (start at 1 teaspoon, go from         there)

              Fresh peaches, cubed, for garnish (optional)

              Toasted almond slices, for garnish (optional)





1. Combine peaches and buttermilk in blender container. Blend until completely liquefied.


chunky ingredients in blender



2. Pour half of peach and buttermilk mixture into a container, leaving half of the mixture in the blender container. Add approximately half of the milk, half and half cream, and peach juice if using canned peaches. Blend together. Add sugar to taste, if needed.


blended peach flip ingredients 



3. Empty contents of blender in large bowl. Put the rest of the peach mixture and rest of the remaining ingredients to the blender and blend together. Add sugar to taste if necessary and process until incorporated. Pour into the bowl with the previously processed mixture and stir together. If the mixture seems clumpy, strain through a sieve to remove lumps. Put into lidded container and chill in refrigerator for at least two hours.


4.   Right before serving, remove the Flip from the refrigerator. Flip may have separated, so stir gently to mix back together. Garnish with fresh peach cubes, toasted almond slices or other decoration if desired. Serve.



peach flip in ming rose bowl 





close up peach flip in blue bowl


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