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Pepper Sandwiches

Posted by Denise on August 30, 2012

pepper sandwich on blue plate
Bursting with pepper flavors, this easy summer sandwich is one of my guy's favorites.

I am not a big fan of peppers, except for some of the hot ones, but Glenn and Andy LOVE them. And I mean they are crazy for them. During one of Mom’s visits several years ago, we drove to southern Florida to see the sights and play tourist when we came across a huge vegetable farm with a large market on property. All of the fresh vegetables were so enticing that we bought an embarrassing amount of different produce, including an entire half-bushel box of bell peppers. You read it right, a whole mess load of peppers! Mom, Glenn and Andy were so excited that we washed some of the peppers right there and the proprietors loaned us a sharp knife so they could cut some up. They spent the trip back to Orlando eating green peppers. I drove. I may not be a fan, but I sure like to see my loved ones happy!

One of Glenn and Andy’s favorite ways to enjoy fresh peppers is to make pepper sandwiches. They normally use a combination of different peppers, but their favorite combination uses bell peppers with Cubanelles and/or Banana peppers. Add some onions and sauté everything in some olive oil and you are almost done. A slice of white bread piled high with the pepper-onion mixture is folded over to help keep the filling in the sandwich.

You don’t have to use perfect peppers for the sandwich. We use up peppers that are still good, but may be getting wrinkled or may have a spot or two. Just cut any spots out and proceed with the recipe. As shown, the recipe makes four generously filled half-sandwiches. The sandwiches are best eaten while warm.




Pepper Sandwiches



 pepper sandwiches ingredients

It would be difficult to find something this good with this few ingredients!



Makes 4 half-sandwiches





cup olive oil


Cubanelle or Banana peppers, deseeded and sliced into strips


large bell peppers or several small peppers, deseeded and sliced into strips


medium onion, sliced into strips


Salt and pepper to taste


slices of plain white or wheat bread





1.   Pour the olive oil into a large cast iron pan or skillet. Heat on medium-low for a couple of minutes. Carefully pile the peppers into the pan. Don’t worry, they will reduce as they cook.

pepper sandwich pepper slices  pepper sandwiches onion slicing

pepper sandwich peppers in pan


2.   Cook until the pile of peppers reduces below the rim of the pan, then carefully stir them to get the upper pepper slices into the oil. Pile the onions on top, then stir them into the peppers as you are able. Add salt and pepper. Cook until onions are softened and everything is slightly browned but not totally limp, approximately 20-25 minutes.

   pepper sandwich peppers in pan reducing  pepper sandwich reduced peppers

                pepper sandwich cooked in pan


3.   Place bread slices on plates and pile high with the pepper mixture.  Carefully fold the bread over to form a sandwich out of the single slice, capturing the mixture inside of the bread. Eat!


pepper sandwich on blue plate 2 




pepper sandwich on white plate


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