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Quick Spicy Remoulade Sauce

Posted by Denise on May 17, 2012

sauce on red marble

Use this spicy remoulade sauce instead of mayo or other condiments. You can even use it as a dip for seafood or onion rings.


It pays off when my husband, Glenn, watches the Food Channel. It gives him really tasty ideas! He decided to make up a quick, spicy remoulade sauce for some sandwiches and we found out it is great for so many things.

Remoulade sauce, invented in France, has become a popular condiment in many countries, including the United States. It was originally used with meats, probably to help mask the flavors of meat that was on the verge of spoiling prior to the invention of refrigeration. Now it is used to accompany many foods such as seafood or as a dipping sauce or sandwich spread. Use it to dip your fries or onion rings! It is a versatile condiment.

                 spicy remoulade on bun

Most cultures use remoulade sauces that are not hot, but the spicy version favored in Louisiana is our favorite. There are various ways to make it, but this quick recipe works really well for most things. Quick Spicy Remoulade Sauce gets its “kick” from sriracha sauce, a tangy, hot Thai sauce made from vinegr, chili peppers, garlic, sugar and salt. It really spices this remoulade sauce up! If you can’t find it in your grocery store, substitute another hot garlic chili sauce.

Quick Spicy Remoulade Sauce will keep in the refrigerator for up to three days if it is stored in a well-sealed container.



Quick Spicy Remoulade Sauce




 spicy remoulade sauce ingredients



Makes 2/3 cup





cup mayonnaise


tablespoons spicy brown mustard or other spicy mustard


teaspoon salt


teaspoons sriracha sauce, adding more to taste a little at a time (we use about 2 tablespoons total= fairly spicy)



1.   Combine all ingredients in a small bowl until mixed well, starting with 2 teaspoons of sriracha sauce. Taste the mixture to see if it is spicy enough for you.


                  mayo with salt

  adding mustard mixing mustard in


2.   Add more sriracha sauce, 1 teaspoon at a time, until it is right for you. Use liberally on sandwiches, as a dipping sauce, or with seafood or meat. Refrigerate leftovers in a sealed container for up to three days.


 adding sriracha sauce

mixing sriracha



Quick spicy remoulade sauce on white marble


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