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Roast Goose

Posted by Denise on December 23, 2012

roast goose on brown platter
Our roast goose was moist and delicious.

Roast goose is a firmly established tradition for Christmas dinner in many parts of the world. After watching a travel show on television highlighting Christmas traditions a couple of weeks ago where goose figured prominently, Glenn and I discovered that neither one of us could remember ever eating goose and for sure had never roasted one ourselves. Then Glenn remembered seeing goose at our local grocery store, so of course we had to try roasting one!

Our roast goose turned out really nice, with brown, crisp skin and moist meat. The meat tastes to me like a wilder cousin to the turkey but with its own distinctive flavor. It is stuffed with a combination of fruit and potato, giving it fragrance and a lighter flavor. We mostly followed the directions of a Food Network recipe and brined the goose overnight, then used a somewhat sweet basting sauce every 30 minutes as the goose roasted for 3 ½ hours.

One of the things that surprised me the most about the bird was how fatty the goose was. I researched it before preparing the goose so I was aware that you had to remove the extra fat around the rear of the bird. It comes off easily and there was a lot of it. You’ll see it, white clumps. It also helps release fat from under the skin if you poke little holes through the skin with the sharp point of a knife in multiple spots so the fat can drain as it melts.

Make sure to use a pan with a rack that sits high enough that the bottom of your goose will stay out of the abundance of grease that will render out of the bird as it roasts. If you don’t have a pan with a rack high enough you may need to carefully drain some of the fat out part way through roasting. If the bottom of the bird sits in the grease it will not brown well. 


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Roast Goose


 roast goose ingredients

 Roast goose ingredients



Makes one goose, figure 1 pound per person



For goose:



10 to 16 lb. goose, plucked and ready to cook


cup sea salt


lemon, halved


apple, cut into chunks


potato, cut into chunks


orange, sliced into rounds


cup chopped celery



For basting syrup:



cup light corn syrup


cup cane syrup


cup melted butter


cup light brown sugar


tablespoons brandy




1.    The day before roasting: Place the salt in a large pot deep enough to allow water to cover the goose. Add water to the pot and add the salt to the water. Stir to mix, then lower the goose into the water. Make sure water covers the bird, then cover and refrigerate overnight.


2.    The next day, preheat the oven to 450o F. Remove the goose from the brine and drain well. Make sure all of the organs are removed from the inside of the bird. Also, remove the clumps of fat from the edges of the opening into the goose. Use the lemon to rub the inside of the goose.


3.    Fold the wings back (like the bird is putting its hands behind its head) and tuck the legs into the fold of the lower skin flap of the body cavity or truss the bird with twine. Place the apple, potato, orange and celery pieces inside the body cavity of the goose.


cutting apple for goose cutting celery for goose

cutting potato for goose cutting orange for goose

stuffing fruit and potato in goose



4.    Put the goose onto the rack in a pan with sides deep enough to hold the goose fat as it melts and drains out. Place it into the oven and immediately reduce the oven to 350o F. While the goose begins to cook, make the basting sauce by mixing all of the sauce ingredients together in a small bowl.


basting sauce for goose




5.    Roast the goose for 20 to 25 minutes per pound, basting with the basting sauce every 30 minutes, making sure to cover all parts of the outside of the bird’s skin. Roast until the bird is browned and cooked through so when the meat near the breast bone is no longer bloody and is cooked through. Before carving, let the goose sit for 15 minutes with foil tented over the top to keep warm. Carve and enjoy!



roast goose being carved 

  roast goose on platter


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