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Seafood Nachos

Posted by Denise on February 2, 2012

seafood nachos on pretty plate

Seafood Nachos are some of our favorite appetizers. We always make them when we watch the Super Bowl, too!


Every Super Bowl Sunday we make a variety of munchies to eat during the game. Seafood Nachos are some of our standard don’t-you-dare-forget-to-make-them food, whether we are hosting a Super Bowl party or enjoying the game by ourselves. We also eat them occasionally during the rest of the year, but it is a valued tradition around our house to serve Seafood Nachos during the big game.

A few years ago our favorite Mexican restaurant closed with no warning. After an appropriate grieving period, we set out to find a restaurant that made the foods we craved from the old favorite. It was harder to do than we thought and we tried the food at many Mexican restaurants. We finally found our new favorite Mexican restaurant with fresh, tasty food close enough to our old favorites to satisfy us except for one dish…Seafood Nachos. No one else made seafood nachos anything close to what we were looking for.

There is something about the combination of shrimp, crab, crunchy corn chips, and hot melted cheese that totally satisfies our tummies and created major cravings. Why was it so hard to find a replacement? We finally decided we would have to make them ourselves if we ever wanted to have them again. Luckily, it was pretty simple once we found the combination of ingredients to create what we were hungry for.

Small salad shrimp are easy to find in the frozen section of the supermarket. We found that Monterey Jack cheese melted very well with no grease and had the right flavor. We tried real crab meat for the nachos, but found the real stuff too fishy tasting and expensive, so we opted for the “imitation crab”, which is made out of flavored fish. It is mild in flavor and surprisingly tastes less like fish than the real crab does! Now, we normally don’t like the imitation crab stuff. This is the only thing we use it for. (If you are ever in a restaurant and you see krab with a “k” on the menu, it is the imitation stuff.  Restaurants are supposed to use "krab" for the fake and "crab" for the real crab on their menu. I think they can get in trouble if they don’t do that.)

It is better to shred the cheese yourself off of a block of Monterey Jack cheese. The already-shredded cheese in packages has flour or cornstarch added to it to keep the pieces from sticking together. It doesn’t hurt anything to use the pre-shredded, but we prefer to shred it ourselves.

Top the Seafood Nachos off with some pickled jalapeños, sour cream, and a sprinkle of paprika and you have a tasty delight!



Seafood Nachos


Serves 3 to 4 as appetizers



 seafood nachos ingredients






corn tortilla chips


ounces pre-cooked small salad shrimp


ounces imitation crab meat (krab)


ounces Monterey Jack cheese, shredded


sour cream


pickled jalapeño peppers


paprika for garnish





1.     Adjust oven rack to the lower middle position and preheat the oven to 3500 F.


2.     Lay corn tortilla chips out on a flat pan with low edges, such as a jelly roll pan, making sure the chips do not overlap. Place shrimp and krab on each chip.


seafood nachos chips on pan


3.      Divide the cheese evenly over all of the chips, making sure it is not clumped in one spot on each chip. Place pan in oven for 7 to 10 minutes or until the cheese melts and chips brown a little on the edges, but not so the chips burn.

 seafood nachos fresh from oven


4.     Remove the pan from the oven. Put a dollop of sour cream and a pickled jalapeño slice or two on each chip. Sprinkle paprika over the top, if desired.

 seafood nachos on plate



seafood nachos on plate 2


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