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Seafood Pasta

Posted by Denise on March 18, 2011

seafood pasta on plate

One of our favorite ways to use seafood, this meal is wonderful.


In the Midwest where Glenn and I grew up, seafood was always pretty expensive and not very available. We didn’t get experience in cooking with it, so when we moved to Florida, we were excited about learning all about how to cook the different types of seafood. It took us a while to get up the nerve (it was still expensive for our meager budget!), but we started using seafood in our cooking.

Several years ago, Glenn decided to surprise us by making Seafood Pasta for dinner using shrimp and scallops we had in our freezer. (I know, we live in Florida and sometimes use FROZEN seafood  --smiles somewhat sheepishly--  but fresh seafood has to be cooked right away and sometimes that doesn’t work with our schedules. Besides, with the flash-freeze methods the industry uses anymore, the quality of frozen seafood is really good. And its cheaper! OK, back to the story now…)

Anyway, Glenn had been thinking about a meal we had at a local seafood restaurant and decided he could make a similar dish at home—so he did. And it tasted great!

Glenn has cooked this many times since and it has become one of our favorite “go-to” recipes. It is easy to make enough for one person or lots for a crowd.

Frozen seafood needs to be cooked slightly longer to get a sear on it because it will shed quite a bit of liquid as it cooks. If you are using fresh scallops, try to buy “dry” scallops. These do not have any liquid added to keep them moist. Look for scallops with a clear, almost translucent quality to them. They should not look cloudy, dried out, or smell fishy or old. Fresh seafood should be kept cold and used within a day or so.



Seafood Pasta

Serves 3 or 4




seafood pasta ingredients 

Seafood Pasta ingredients




4       Tablespoons olive oil, divided

15     large scallops, cleaned

1       lb. (approx. 30) medium shrimp, raw, peeled and deveined

6       Tablespoons butter, chopped into

2       cloves garlic, chopped

1/3    cup white wine, dry or semi-dry (we use a pinot grigio)

½      lemon, juiced

         Salt to taste

         Red pepper flakes, optional

3       Tablespoons fresh parsley, chopped

½      lb. spaghetti, cooked and kept hot





1.    Sauté scallops on medium-high heat in 2 Tablespoons of olive oil. Allow to brown on one side before turning to brown other side. Get brown but not cooked through. Remove from pan and place on plate tented with foil to keep warm.


browning scallops for seafood pasta



2.    Sauté shrimp on medium-high heat to cook almost through, approximately 3 minutes per side until they are pink and no longer translucent. Remove from pan and add to plate with scallops. Re-tent the plate to keep warm.




raw shrimp for seafood pasta

The raw shrimp looks white and slighly translucent



done shrimp for seafood pasta

Shrimp turn pink when cooked


3.    Deglaze the pan with the white wine, getting all the flavorful brown bits off of the bottom. Squeeze the half lemon into the wine in the pan. Add butter, salt to taste, and garlic to pan. Stir everything together and turn the heat to low. If cooking the pasta now, let the sauce simmer in the pan until the pasta is ready.


deglazing pan with wine

Adding wine to the pan to deglaze


adding butter to seafood pasta sauce 

Melt the butter in the wine, add garlic and other spices


4.    Add seafood back into the sauce and allow to heat back up. Let simmer for a couple of minutes to finish cooking seafood through without allowing it to get overdone and rubbery.


heat ingredients for seafood pasta

Reheating seafood in sauce


adding red pepper flakes to seafood pasta

Adding red pepper flakes, if desired. They are optional.


5.    Drain pasta when cooked, and add to sauce in pan, stirring everything together. If it seems dry, add additional butter and allow to melt. Stir together.

 adding pasta to seafood pasta

Adding pasta into the sauce and mixing



6.    Divide seafood pasta into bowls and sprinkle fresh parsley on top.


chopping parsley for seafood pasta

              Chopping fresh parsley to top seafood pasta


seafood pasta with parsley


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