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Seven Layer Salad


Posted by Denise on October 30, 2011

7 layer salad in green bowl

Seven Layer Salad makes a pretty addition to any holiday table or even a normal evening meal!


Seven Layer Salad was one of my Dad’s very favorite salads. My sister, Ben, brings it to many of our holiday meals and everyone looks forward to it. Unfortunately, we live so far from the rest of relatives that we don’t get to eat with them, so Ben gave me the recipe and I make it for my family and friends for Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations.

One of the things I love about the salad is it can be made a day ahead of time and covered in the refrigerator. It is ready to go as soon as it is removed from the ‘fridge. That is a huge help when your day is hectic with other last minute things going on.

Seven Layer Salad has a fresh taste and crunch. To me it is so surprising that the mayo and sugar combine to make such a simple, yet tasty dressing for the salad. There are many different ingredients that people include in their versions of Seven Layer Salad. The ingredients listed below are the ones we use. Add your favorites and enjoy!



Seven Layer Salad

Serves 8  



7 layer salad ingredients 

Ingredients for Seven Layer Salad






Head of iceberg or Romaine lettuce, shredded


Red or green pepper or several small multi-colored peppers, sliced into strips or diced into small pieces


Sweet onion, diced


Stalks celery, diced or 1 cucumber, diced (or both if you prefer)


Small package frozen English peas, thawed


Cup Miracle Whip or mayonnaise


Tablespoons white sugar

1 ½ to 2

Cups cheddar or Colby-Jack cheese, shredded

½ - 1

lb. bacon, cooked, drained and broken into bits






1.    Cook bacon until crisp in pan on stove. Place on paper towels to drain. When cooled, break into bits and keep for later.


cooking bacon for 1 layer salad




2.     Add shredded lettuce to pretty bowl or 13 x 9 pan.


  shredded lettuce for 7 layer salad





3.     Add peppers in a layer on top of lettuce. Layer onion, celery or cucumber, and peas on top.


peppers for 7 layer salad pepper layer for 7 layer salad


onion layer for 7 layer salad


celery for 7 layer salad pea layer for 7 layer salad


4.     Mix the mayonnaise and sugar. Spread evenly over the vegetable layers.

 dressing on 7 layer salad


5.    Add an even layer of shredded cheese over the top of the mayonnaise layer. Sprinkle bacon bits on top of everything. Cover and refrigerate for at least a couple of hours, preferable a day ahead of when you need it.

  cheese on 7 layer salad bacon on 7 layer salad

6.    To serve, cut through layers and use a large server to lift out.


layer of 7 layer salad 



7 layer salad

7 layer salad on green plate top view


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