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Simple Syrup

Posted by Denise on May 10, 2011

simple syrup final in pan

Properly made, simple syrup looks like water. The dots are bubbles from a soft boil. 

Simple syrup is so very easy to make and very helpful when making fresh squeezed lemonade or other beverages that need sweetening.

Simple syrup really is simple. Just two ingredients make up the recipe, water and white sugar. Combined, the ingredients are heated to allow the sugar to dissolve and remain suspended in the water. It will stay that way indefinitely, which is really helpful when you want to sweeten something without the grainy texture of undissolved sugar.

Simple syrup is normally one part sugar to one part water or slightly less sweet with one part sugar to two parts water. If you find that the mixture is too sweet for what you need it for, more water may be added to tone it down.



Simple Syrup

As many servings as needed





1      cup white sugar

2      cups plain water 



1.     Add sugar to water in a small pot.

2.     Heat water on stove until it barely starts to boil, stirring occassionally.

simple syrup starting to cook

We use a small pan to keep mixture from evaporating too much while cooking.


3.    Cook mixture until it becomes clear, normally only several minutes.


finished simple syrup

The final simple syrup is clear. Bubbles show that it is barely boiling.





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