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Strawberry Freezer Jam

Posted by Denise on February 15, 2011

strawberry freezer jam with roll

Beautiful and tasty, this Strawberry Freezer Jam will make you drool.

This recipe is for an easy, no cook freezer jam. It might seem weird to be thinking of making strawberry jam at this time of the year, but in Florida I think of February as Strawberry Month. Yes, it’s true all you people in the frozen northern United States and Canada. In February, our strawberries become ripe and depending on whether or not we get some brief freezing weather, are readily available in stores and roadside farm stands. They are sweet, juicy and delicious (Insert sigh of contentment here).  

This recipe couldn’t be easier with most of the work being done by the purchased fruit pectin. The jam never freezes so hard that it has to be thawed for long before you can use it so if you run out while spreading some on your morning toast, a quick trip to the freezer has you finishing your toast in moments. 

I use Ball brand freezer jam pectin and follow the instructions on the packet. For all of you purists, I will experiment with natural pectins sometime in the future, but purchased pectin is very tasty and quick for now. Make sure you clean the strawberries and remove the leaves and stems before crushing the berries. Do this right before making the jam so that the berries don’t have time to degrade. The thickness of the jam will depend on the juiciness of the berries and humidity in the kitchen. Even if it turns out slightly on the runny side, it will still taste great.  

The nice thing about this recipe is that even if you happen to get a batch of strawberries that don’t have much strawberry taste when you sample them, the jam will still be full of wonderful berry flavor. There is something about the simplicity of these ingredients that pull so much flavor out of the strawberries. This is sure to be a hit at your table!  




Strawberry Freezer Jam

Five 8 oz. jars of jam




strawberry freezer jam ingredients 

Three ingredients!



        4              cups crushed strawberries (about 4 lbs.)

        1-1/2       cups white sugar (you can use Splenda or other granulated sugar substitute for a low calorie jam)

  1                            1.59 oz. packet of instant fruit pectin for freezer jam (I use Ball brand)





1.       Thoroughly clean five 8-oz. freezer jars or jelly jars.  Clean strawberries and remove stems and leaves. Place into bowl and mash them until you have 4 cups of crushed fruit. It is ok to leave it slightly chunky.


washed strawberries



2.       Pour sugar into large bowl. Add pectin packet. Stir the sugar and pectin together.


sugar and pectin

Sugar with pectin on top, before stirring together


sugar and pectin mixed

I use a whisk to mix the sugar and pectin.



3.       Add the crushed strawberries to the sugar/pectin mixture. Stir for three minutes.


mashed strawberries


4.       Ladle the jam into the clean jars leaving ½ inch or so at the top of the jar so that the jam has room to expand as it freezes. Wipe down the outside and upper rim to get any drips or streaks off of the jar.


5.       Add the lid and let the jam sit for 30 minutes. You can enjoy it right away and put any extra jars in the freezer.


strawberry freezer jam in jar





jam on roll


strawberry freezer jam in jars


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