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Taco Seasoning-Mild or Wild!

Posted by Denise on February 17, 2015

taco seasoning tacos on plate

Make your own easy taco seasoning...either mild or wildly spicy...just how your family likes it.

Our Taco Seasoning–Mild or Wild is fresher and more flavorful than any of the pre-packaged spice mixes we’ve gotten from grocery or specialty stores. And making our own allows us to customize the recipe based on what we plan to cook, whether it’s ground beef or turkey for traditional tacos or chicken to be sliced for soft tacos or nachos. As the name implies, you can customize the recipe for your own taste by making it mild, like we do when friends and family are visiting, or wild, nice and spicy for our family meals.

One of my pet peeves about liking a store bought seasoning mix is that in my experience, about the time I become convinced that a particular brand is my favorite, the manufacturer changes the recipe or the stores in my area quit stocking it or something else happens where I can no longer purchase the item. So I like to figure out how to create my favorite products at home so I’ll always have it available by making it myself.

Another benefit of making things yourself is the ability to control the amount of salt and spiciness of the final product. Over the past several years we have greatly reduced the amount of salt we put into our food and we’ve become sensitive to the taste of salt. Sometimes the commercial spice blends taste too salty for us. Also, it’s hard to find one that is our perfect level of heat. We sometimes doctor them up, but if I’m going to bother with doctoring a store mix, why not just make one we know we like? By making it ourselves, we can control both the flavor and the salt levels. Personalize this recipe for your family! 


Taco Seasoning-Mild or Wild!




Taco Seasoning ingredients

Taco Seasoning ingredients.



Makes enough to season 1 to 2 pounds of meat





tablespoon chili powder, sweet for mild or hot for spicy


teaspoon garlic powder


teaspoon paprika


teaspoon cumin


teaspoon kosher salt


teaspoon onion powder


teaspoon cayenne pepper, only for spicy, omit for mild


teaspoon dried oregano



1.   Put all ingredients in a small container or bowl. Mix well. Store in an airtight container.


taco seasoning before mixing

taco seasoning mixed


2.   When using in meat for tacos or nachos, brown the meat first and drain off extra fat. Add the desired amount of the spice mix to the browned meat, then add ¼ cup of warm water to the meat/spices in the pan and mix well. Allow to simmer until most of the liquid has evaporated and the spices are mixed throughout the meat. You want to make sure the moisture has almost all evaporated to keep your tacos from getting soggy.


 browning taco meat...ground beef adding taco seasoning to ground beef

 taco meat with seasonings almost ready




  taco seasoning in jar


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