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Thai House Restaurant

Located at 2117 E. Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL 32803 

Phone: 407.898.0820


thai house restaurant sign


This is our first post about Orlando area restaurants. I don’t want to call this a review, because we aren’t planning to write about restaurants that we don’t like. We want to share our favorite lesser-known eateries with you. You may live here and are interested in trying someplace new or may be planning a visit to our home area and want to know where some of the locals eat. Either way, this part of our site allows us to share some of our favorite places with fellow foodies.

We have been going to Thai House for over 10 years, from the time they rented a rustic little house remade into a restaurant, to their current location, a much more upscale building on the corner of East Colonial Drive and Garden Plaza. It is a quaint place with 15 to 20 tables specializing, as the name implies, in really good Thai food. Thai House has consistently won awards for their food.


thai house front at night

I wish the photo turned out better, but this gives you an idea of what it looks like.


Glenn in Thai House

Inside Thai House


We always start out with their spring rolls, because they are soooo good that we are hooked on them. They come as three spring rolls sliced in half, so six pieces, with a delicious sweet fish sauce for dipping. Wonderfully fresh, they are just the right size for two or three people to share without ruining your appetite for the main course.



thai house spring rolls in boat

Served in little boats, we love Thai House spring rolls!


thai house spring roll

See how tightly they are rolled? How come I can't do that at home?



We have met many friends at Thai House for lunch or dinner over the years and every person has enjoyed the food and come back, many times with other friends. Over the years, Glenn and I have tried quite a few of the different selections from the Thai House menu, but we both have our favorites that we normally choose when we eat there. Glenn’s is the Crispy Eggplant.


thai house crispy eggplant

See how beautiful the Crispy Eggplant is. 


Crispy Eggplant is Glenn’s absolute favorite dish at Thai House. Thin slices of eggplant are lightly breaded and cooked in the wok with a bunch of colorful veggies, including peppers, onions, and carrot, plus your choice of meat in a curry sauce. Glenn prefers chicken, but you can get beef, shrimp, or pork, too. Glenn also likes his curry as spicy as he can get it. I mean, if he isn’t using a hanky for his nose after a bite or two, it isn’t hot enough for him! You don’t have to get it hot. They have three or four different curries and they can change the heat level on any of them.


thai house chicken with cashews

Love my Chicken with Cashews!


I am hooked on the Chicken with Cashews. I love the sauce that it is cooked in. Again, you can get any type of meat, but I love the chicken. Thin strips of chicken are stir fried with carrots, onions, water chestnuts, and mushrooms in a luscious sauce that I always request to be medium spicy. Crunchy cashews are sprinkled in. The most perfect bite is with a piece of chicken, a slice of onion, a little rice and a single cashew. Yum!

Thai House serves many other delicious dishes and beverages, also. It is always fresh and made to order.  We have never been served a bad meal there and the portions are large. The prices are good. Most evening meals are around $12-15, lunch is around $8 for a truly delicious meal.


glenn eating crispy eggplant 



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