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Tropical Fruit Salad


Posted by Denise on April 26, 2011

tropical fruit salad

Pretty and cool, this salad is perfect for warm evening dinners.

Tropical Fruit Salad is a refreshing addition to any menu. Glenn says that he can’t tell that it has sour cream in it and I agree. It tastes creamy and light. It takes me right back to pot luck dinners and family suppers from my childhood. It has never failed to please a group and someone always asks for the recipe, so here ya go!

It is very easy to double the recipe if you are expecting a crowd or just want to have plenty of leftovers. The whole salad is easily made in less than 15 minutes.

Tropical Fruit Salad should be made at least a couple of hours before you plan to serve it. Place it in the refrigerator to allow it to chill and the flavors to blend together. You can use the "lite" types of canned fruit and sour cream to make it healthier without sacrificing the flavor. Don't throw out the juice the fruit is packed in. Use the juice to marinate chicken breasts, pork chops or other meat, or use it in a smoothie. Just don't waste it! As always with fresh fruit, wash off the grapes before using them.

Since Tropical Fruit Salad has dairy in it, please make sure it stays cool so the salad doesn't go bad if you plan to take this to a picnic or other outdoor gathering. It will last for several days in the refrigerator.



Tropical Fruit Salad

Serves 6




tropical fruit salad ingredients 

Ingredients for Tropical Fruit Salad





1          Cup seedless grapes, sliced in half lengthwise

1          Cup canned pineapple tidbits, drained

1          Cup canned mandarin oranges, drained

1          Cup shredded coconut

1          Cup miniature marshmallows (use color enhanced ones to brighten it up)

1          Cup sour cream







1.    Halve grapes lengthwise. Place in bowl large enough to mix everything together.


cutting grapes for tropical fruit salad

Cutting the grapes lengthwise 


 2.    Drain pineapple tidbits and mandarin oranges. Add to grapes in bowl.


adding pineapple for tropical fruit salad

Adding drained pineapple


Adding oranges to tropical fruit salad

Adding the mandarin oranges


3.    Mix in coconut and small marshmallows.



coconut for tropical fruit salad

Adding the mound of coconut.


4.    Mix sour cream in with everything. Cover and place in refrigerator for at least two hours for best flavor.

marshmallows and sour cream for salad

 Mixing all ingredients together



tropical fruit salad 2

Finished Tropical Fruit Salad!


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