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Ziti Arrabiata

Posted by Denise on April 28, 2013

spicy ziti arrabiata in bowl

Spicy Ziti Arrabiata is a wonderful family meal. Guests love it, too!

Every time I make Ziti Arrabiata my family goes nuts for it and guests ask for the recipe. It is packed with traditional Italian flavors. Italian sausage rounds are crisped in olive oil and mixed in with fresh peppers, mushrooms and onion, then placed in a casserole dish with ziti, tomatoes and spices. Once in the oven the ingredients meld together into a savory sauce, keeping the ziti moist and tender. So incredibly good that even though it makes a large batch, we seldom have leftovers. And if we do have leftovers, they don’t last for more than a day.

Arrabiata means “angry” in Italian, referring to the spiciness of the dish. If you prefer a mild version, leave out the jalapeno peppers and the hot pepper flakes and use a sweet Italian sausage instead of the hot. It won’t be arrabiata, but it will be good!

The original recipe was in cartoon format as part of an online business publication many years ago. The cartoon was called Cheap Thrills Cuisine, created by a chef and a cartoonist. As soon as we tried it, we loved it and have made a few tweaks over the years to end up with the recipe as shown below.

Leftovers heat up really well. Cover the pan with foil and heat it gently in a 300o F. oven until it is hot throughout. So yum!


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Ziti Arrabiata

 ziti arrabiata ingredients

Ziti Arrabiata ingredients


Makes 6 to 8 hearty servings  



1- 1 ½

pounds hot or sweet Italian sausage 


tablespoons olive oil, divided 


tablespoon minced garlic 


cup ½” diced onions 


cups ½” diced bell peppers 


large jalapeno peppers, seeds removed and diced into 3/8” pieces  


cup sliced mushrooms 


teaspoons crushed red pepper or more to taste, depending on how hot you want it 


tablespoon dried oregano 


tablespoon dried basil  


cups canned diced tomatoes with juice 


3-ounce can of tomato paste 


cup of tomato juice 


teaspoon salt 


pound ziti pasta 


cup Parmesan cheese 




1.    Preheat the oven to 350o F. Blanch the Italian sausage by cooking it in a heavy with water in the pan to about half-way up the sides of the sausagesskillet over medium heat for about 3 minutes per side. Add more hot water to the pan if it gets too low. Remove the sausages from the skillet and allow them to cool.


2.    Slice the sausages into rounds and sauté them in 2 tablespoons of olive oil until they are browned and crunchy on both cut sides. Set them aside until needed.  


 cutting sausage for ziti arrabiata browning sausage for ziti arrabiata



3.    In a large pot, add 3 tablespoons of olive oil and sauté the garlic, onion, red pepper flakes, jalapenos, mushrooms over medium heat until sweated and getting tender, about 5 minutes. Add the dried oregano and basil, the canned diced tomatoes, tomato paste, tomato juice and salt. Simmer on low for 30-40 minutes, until vegetables are tender.  


ziti arrabiata peppers sweating peppers and onions for ziti arrabiata

veggies and sauce for ziti arrabiata



4.    While the sauce is simmering, cook the ziti according to package instructions until the pasta is al dente, which is still slightly chewy but cooked through. Drain the pasta when it is done. Mix the pasta with the sauce and pour the mixture into a casserole dish. Sprinkle the top of the pasta mixture with Parmesan cheese and bake for 30 minutes. Serve hot. 


 ziti arrabiata in casserole



 ziti arrabiata in bowl 2



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